Thursday, June 13, 2013

Rambling Thoughts

I did a little stitching on my 2012 Primitive Gathering BOW...I'm on block 11 but it wasn't enough to take a photo of and share.  I did decide that I will be making aprons for my sister and her friends who are coming for Quilt Show this year and so I played with fabrics.  I need 2 prints for each apron.  I wanted a special one for my sister which required a trip to the Stitchin' Post for some of Valori's new fabric line Wish.  I love the idea of the wishes of her family and friends printed on the limbs of trees.

This past weekend my phone made a little jingle and when I looked on the screen it was a reminder that it was my mom's birthday.  When I programmed it originally I must have set it on a yearly reminder.  It gave me pause...she would have been 83.  Sometimes it is a little thing that will make you take an intake of air that hurts to the core.  Now it is my sister and I...we are the oldest generation of our immediate the heck did that happen???  

Times keep a marching, today our youngest turns 25!!! Happy Birthday Connor! ...when we were in Redmond I took a photo of this building...we used to take our kids here for lunch and an afternoon of was a funky museum with games to it is a run down building for sale....most likely some one will buy it, knock it down and build a mini-mall.  It would make a really big quilt store!!! LOL  Maybe I can convince Fabric Depot to open a satellite depot in Central Oregon!  Not!!!  We have many wonderful shops and I hope that those of you who can make it to the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show this year enjoy all the shopping opportunities.


  1. she would have been 83,,,,my mom would have been no longer hurts to the core but an ache ....

    What apron pattern are you using....I am making some gifts for baskets and an apron sounds like a great idea for some of them....

    1. I am not sure the actual name but is shaped like a diamond with a little flap at the top...easy and fun. I'll post a photo when I make it!

  2. That is a fun print and nice idea for gifts.
    We lose all of our good stores and miss having the large fabric stores with all types of fabrics.


  3. Oh, I know how you feel. My mom passed away at 83 four years ago, and then my oldest sister at 64 two years ago. I remember them daily, of course, but sometimes the shock of it can be overwhelming. I lost my dad almost 18 years ago, so I know the pain eases after a while. But sometimes I still want to tell one of them something that I know they'd appreciate. And it took me forever to stop looking for Christmas presents for them. I guess that means we were loved much, huh?

  4. I hadn't thought of it until reading it sisters and I are also the oldest of my family. That's just too weird! Love that quote about being the weirdest grandparents--I totally am weirder than my mom was. LOL

  5. Well it 's good to know that i have plenty of company as a weird grandparent . . that is comforting . . in a weird way. I have been looking for a good red for a Christmas project. I'll have to go look for Valori's. I love it. Thanks. Hope your week is filled with happy and warm mother memories.

  6. Every time my son comes with me to Bend he always asks where that place is that "Grandpa used to take me." He had many fun times there.

  7. Beautiful prints for the aprons. I remember that building from 30 years ago when I lived in Redmond. Wow how things have changed.