Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mid Week Muses

Well, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to do a little shopping. The Back Porch Quilt Shop in Pacific Grove has been a long time favorite of mine. Since the area has many art quilters there are many products available to support the creative process. I took Mary Ellen's recommendation and purchased a variety of silk threads because I see the "A" word playing a big part of my future. Of course I found some great fabrics! A dream...of the Empty Spool seminar 2014 is rattling around in my brain! How about you?

Farmers, the food warriors are the hardest working people in the world and you can see it every day in the Salinas Valley. One of my favorite memory photos is of a lettuce field, early in the morning as the sun is rising with diamonds.

As we passed through Castroville, the artichoke capital of the world I had to pick some up...yummy.

Our final stop was the cemetery to spend time with the parental unit's, cleaning and weeding their grave site. The Monterey Bay is just over the sand dune behind them...where they spent so many i happy times. I believe places like this had a place when we were not such a transitory it is difficult. I feel challenged by the idea that someday these sites will no longer be tended, abandoned by time and distance.

Sometimes I wonder about my quilts...I make them for my own joyful satisfaction but a part of me hopes that a few family members love them after I have gone to the sewing room in the sky and they become a part of family lore...remember that ancestor who had a whole room just for quilting?!

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  1. Back Porch is one of my favorite quilt shops too! This weekend will be the first of two for our local Quilters Run--I don't have a chance of hitting all 40 or so of the shops, but I might try to get to one or two.
    I share your concern with the gravesite maintenance issues. I think there are differing cultural traditions around visiting graves--I haven't been able to visit my husband or son for several years now. But there is a spot reserved for me next to Bob--in Tariffville, Conn! Not too close to SoCal, but I like to think I can "talk" to them any time!

  2. I think all quilters have that wish too..I know I do! It really upsets me when I see people selling quilts for $10 at garage no time or money...or love went into making them!! Sheesh!! BUT on that note I have picked up a couple of beauties for a song! SCORE! haha

  3. It looks like you had a wonderful day with fun shopping and a road trip, ending with some quiet time with your family.


  4. Empty Spools...yes! I just signed up for the 4th session and am WAY excited about next year. It feels like an experience that was on my bucket list but I was simply unaware until a friend suggested we go.
    The farm workers are indeed some of the hardest working folks in the universe.

  5. Thai is how I passed my quilts on to family. Two years ago my two daughters and my Grandaughter were here in Bend. My quilts I still had we're on display at Quilt works. I had each of the three make a list of any they would want. As it turned out they wanted all of them, there was only one that all three wanted, that one I sent for my great Grandaughter. I boxed them up and shipped a box for each girl. It was nice they wanted all of them.

  6. I know - we go down periodically to take care of my husband's family graves in Monterey - and he also wonders what will happen once we are gone - guess they will jsut be forgotten about like so many others there in the cemetary...

  7. I live in the Monterey area and I'm a member of the guild. Love your blog. and love Oregon also. Check out our guild newsletter "Monterey Pennisula Quilters Guild" Barbara