Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hump Day Jibber Jabber

I know you are probably starting to get bored with the trip to California talk and photos but bear with me...I still have a couple of more days of Jibber Jabber...the Monterey Bay is absolutely fabulous and I feel blessed to have grown up on it's waters.  It has the deepest canyon in the world below it and many a mystery lies below.  We had gorgeous weather the entire time we were there!

I have to explain the photo looks like I am crying but I actually can't stop laughing!  My sister and BIL took us to a spectacular place in Monterey that serves the best desserts.  Although the boys had dinner both sis and I decided to opt for dessert only.  After viewing the menu we decided to each order the 3 cake sample medley.  They take you up to the case and let you chose what cake you would like to sample...well when it was presented to was HUGE!  I couldn't stop laughing as we most likely had 20 lbs of cake...HH had to take a photo but I couldn't stop laughing!  Of course we took more home than we ate and I only added .6 to my weigh in at WW.

I found out that we did make a dream a reality!  The local paper had this full paged ad of the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show and when I looked at the map...I saw my street!!!  You too can have a dream and make it a reality!

I came home from our vacation to a pile of mail and now have 2!!!! BOW's from Temecula Quilts to complete...for a moment I started to have postal anxiety!

This slideshow is about the place we stayed in Pacific if you are not interested you can pass on it...there are no quilts...that will come tomorrow.  But if you ever plan a vacation to Monterey Bay I can recommend the Martine Inn, owned by Don Martine who was a former race car driver and has an old collection of MG's on the site.  This is not a modern place but one right out of an old British comedy like Faulty Towers...but, I love it!  And the shower in our suite...well, you are going to have to watch to see it! LOL

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  1. That is a big plate of cake, lol. In my younger days I might have eaten it all;) Love the photos and the inn is beautiful inside, but I think the bay is a bit rough for me to paddle on.


  2. One can never have to much CAKE-remember that!

  3. Loved the Inn - and the shower!! too funny!! I would have eaten all that cake too - no sense waiting!!!

  4. Love that whole area and now you've got me wanting to make a trip up there, and not wait for next year! just have to see how this year comes together, I guess!

  5. The Inn is lovely. And, the silver collection is absolutely gorgeous. Do they ever use or do they just enjoy looking at it? Also, have enjoyed your trip to a lot of places I use to live around.

  6. Oh my....that cake selection was....well, filling to just look at! And you picked one of my favorites - use to always be my birthday cake - the white with strawberries! Sigh, no one gets it for me any more.....might jut get it for myself!

  7. Carmel Valley, that beautiful home and winery (Oh so CA casual!), Mary Ellen's fabulous art, wine, ocean are one lucky lady! Transfer-eze troubles...hmmm...hope that is resolved as I use it on occasion. Elegant eagle carving for a deserving couple is just fitting.