Thursday, June 20, 2013

Farewell Napa

Ah, what a wonderful break! Our last day was filled with ups and downs. The ups included a picnic to William Hill Winery where my sister and BIL are wine club members. She packed us a wonderful picnic lunch and the winery had a picnic table set up and waiting for us.

First tasting was a Chardonnay.

The picnic included cheeses, fruit, salad and of course chocolate!

We ended with a family dinner and since it was my nephew's sons birthday this coming weekend and we would be missing the party...we gave him our gift early...I think it was a hit!

...and so you ask what was the down side to the day??? Through a miscalculation which I blame on the fact since retirement I have not been able to keep my days of the weeks straight...I shorted our reservation for our camp trailer by a day...we had to quickly pack up and move out as the next guest in a mega RV was ready to pull in and there was no longer a place at the to say. Which means we are parked with our trailer on a dead end street near my sister's house...not as relaxing as a full camp hook up...but, we are all already for the trip home and the coffee is brewing!

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  1. Sounds like a fun way to spend the day with your family, a shame that you had to move out early. I was looking at our local camp and they have sporadic openings so we can't go spend a few days there just for fun.


  2. What a lovely picture of you and your sister and your men! That's meant for a frame!! I can tell what day it is by what pills are in my week long pill box. Next full compartment is what day it is!!

  3. Oh, how about a picture of the Gamper!!

  4. Enjoy your journey back home...Maybe you'll miss the rain we've been having. Your flowers have been watered by the great Mother herself! Family...gotta love 'em!

  5. Now that you are both retired you have started living on the streets. Lol.....:-). Jo Ann

  6. Looks like you had a great time with your sister and BIL. The down side could have been could have miscalculated by a week! Working full time means I usually know what day it is and I am looking forward to retirement when the days will all merge to make one big sewing/travelling day. One can dream :)

  7. One of the things I'm working on doing is making a conscious decision each morning to ground myself in the day of the week and date of the month--not always easy! When I have appointments to keep, it's easier to keep track. I've known too many people who get lost in that fog of "what day is it again?" and I don't want to be one of them.