Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Did You Guess???

On yesterday's post the first two photos were taken on the streets of Sonoma...what a wonderful little town. And, they have a quilt shop...that slideshow to come later this week when I get around to making it. The 2nd two photos were traveling down Hwy 101...the next, the lettuce fields of Salinas, the salad bowl of the world. Followed by the grapes of Parsonage Winery...boy are you ever in for a treat with that slideshow!! Lastly, Monterey Bay...the view from our window. Boy, have HH and I been reminiscing.

I hate how big my butt looks in this photo! The shadow is me!

No matter where we are...the deer follow us, lol.

The largest antique store, 3 floors of stuff in the old Holman's building in Pacific Grove.

Here is a little tease...guess where I was?

Lunch was at one of our favorite places, Dametra's in Carmel. Music and...

...the chef came out to sing! It makes the food taste better!

More Woolie adventures to come!

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  1. The quilt says Asilomar and Empty Spools so I'm guessing it's either at Back Porch or at Asilomar itself. I love that area and might need to feed my soul with a quick trip up there!

  2. Wonderful photo of your shadow, lol. We saw lots of birds today, love being in the salt water ponds.


  3. The Holman's Store - the antiques are way over priced but fun to look at. The store I like better is down at Cannery Row - lots to see and more reasonably priced! Have you gone to Monarch Knitting in PG? Her mom makes quilts that she sells there - little wall hangings and Christmas stockings.

  4. I think that is Mary Lou Weidman's New Mexico quilt hanging in Back Porch Fabrics. Hope you had fun, too bad the owner is allergic to wool.