Friday, June 28, 2013

Desire vs. Reality

Oh boy did I have to do some mental juggling yesterday.  My sewing room looks like there are several quilters working on projects...or maybe one quilter with several personalities...or, a quilter with ADHD.   Anyhoo, my desire banged up against reality and some choices had to be made.  The Friday before the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show my sister and 3 of her girlfriends are arriving and I wanted to do something special for them.  I decided to make aprons!  They are always fun to make.  I decided the best way to approach this project is to cut out all four aprons and get them ready for power stitching.  I got the pieces all cut when I realized that this Saturday is the BJ's Mystery BOM meeting!!!  It was rescheduled a week early because of the quilt show...

My desire was to make aprons...but, the reality was I had to make my BJ's BOM.  So I cut out the blocks, ready to start stitching them today...that was before...I got a call.

About 2 months ago I contacted a tile guy about tiling Enzo's dog shower.  In a perfect world he would have run right over and did the job...but, this is not a perfect is a busy world in the construction industry and you really can't blame a guy who has a limited time to make money to put your little job at the bottom of his list.  So, yesterday I am driving to Bend and I am thinking to myself...looks like Enzo's bath is not going to get done till Winter, oh phone rings and he said he can fit Enzo in tomorrow!!!  Which meant I had to go to Home Depot to pick up the tile.  Of course that would have been ok...if it wasn't sunny and the plant department wasn't calling my name.  By the time I got home this is what the back of my car looked like.  Desire vs. reality...I guess I will be digging in the dirt instead of stitching my blocks...poor me, LOL.

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