Thursday, June 6, 2013

Chatty Woolie + A Slide Show

Well I have gotten a lot of responses to the posting of Anne's Homespun Houses.  I know that it has spurred me on to try and get mine done before much desire and so little concentration, lol.

The pattern is located in this book.  No, this book isn't one of  Lisa's at Primitive Gatherings and it is out of print but you can find copies for sale on line.  Try Amazon.  It is a wonderful book filled with many great projects!

Has anyone else been having a hard time quilting because the weather is sooooo dang beautiful!  I have been trying but my attention span for quilting is a nano second...well, a little bit longer.  I have been dropping into bed each night and falling sound asleep.  I have to tell you I have found out an interesting sister told me a while ago that some of the problems that we have with our necks/headaches has to do with the use of pillows when sleeping.  While sleeping on her back she does not use a pillow...when she turns on her side she uses the pillow.  While we were in Chicago at a hotel I couldn't do it...but, here at home on my Temperpedic Bed I have been doing it for a week...and guess what?!  No neck pain from stitching/cutting or sewing.  It feels weird at first but I can tell that without a pillow my head, neck and spine are in alignment!  I think I will have many more years of stitching ahead of me!

Enjoy the slideshow of quilts made my Janie Adams of Bend, Oregon.  She comes from a family of people who love to sew and craft. Upon retiring in 2006 she really jump started her quilting.

The photo below is from a Telamadera Fusion class Janie took from Alma de la Melena Cox.  Wish you could see it in person...absolutely beautiful!

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  1. I notice that too, I am better if I lay flat, but I cannot sleep on my back, so doesn't help, lol. Another wonderful slide show.


  2. Yes, the weather has been gorgeous here too and I am not getting much sewing done. LOL Have a great day!

  3. Traditional to modern, Janie has stretched her skills. Really cool!
    I have to use one of those molded pillows for my neck...

  4. I used to sleep on two pillows but am now down to one. I can't imagine no pillow at all but I'm willing to try - I've been going for a massage every couple of weeks to deal with tight muscles in my neck and shoulders. :( blessings, marlene

  5. I used to use two pillows with my arm up above my head in between the two pillows! I would wake up with numb shoulders and hands constantly! Recently we bought a new bed, after too many years, and my back has hardly hurt at all. I got a free pillow and it is a memory wonderful! No more numb arms or back pain!!

  6. I watched Anne build her houses. The designs makes a wonderful house quilt. I have the book but did not have time to play along with her and the others in the construction zone.