Thursday, June 27, 2013

Back Porch Fabrics & Empty Spools

Well, I have been talkin' the I am walkin' the walk!  I have been talking about attending the Empty Spools Seminar for years.  The Conference Grounds were built right over HH's first living quarters.  He sold it the year before they decided to knock down everything in the area and build the Conference Center!  After my visit to Back Porch Quilts and seeing Mary Lou Weidman's quilt up close and personal...there was no way I was going to go another year without attending.  Mary Lou is teaching in session 3 and I am going to have a blast!

Back Porch Fabrics is on my top 10 list.  The choice of fabrics is eclectic and they always have a gallery show.  Although they do not have a website which you can order from you can still contact them at Back Porch Fabrics if you see anything on the slideshow you MUST HAVE! lol.  And if you are so inclined to attend The Empty Spools Seminars click on this link.  They have 5 different sessions with over 10 instructors each session!  Lets do lunch on the beach!! 

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  1. Wow!!! What a fantastic shop!!!!! Love, love love the quits, displays bolts of fabric! Now I am on the hunt to do the Piece 'O Cake bird quilt!!!

  2. That is a wonderful shop, you really have a lot of nice places in your area. I am heading to NH next month, my sister rented a house on squam lake, so hopefully I can get some spending cash before then and hit the stores;)


  3. I love that store. I was there when they had Mary Lou's cows on display. Thanks for the update. Love that place and the whole area!

  4. Anna, check Mary Lou's blog: Mary Lou and Whimsy, too. Her husband had brain surgery on Saturday to remove a golf ball sized tumour. She is a wonderful teacher, loved her class at Sisters long ago. Lots of fun to be had there. You will catch some of her 'glow' - although you already have your own. Love, MaryJo

  5. One thing I do love about Asilomar is that you can get your lunch "to go" and it's a short walk to the beach! The cow quilts were wonderful and Mary Lou's students always have a blast--and their quilts reflect that! Can't wait to see what kind of "story" you'll come up with!

  6. Hi Anna,

    I see someone has already given you a heads up regarding Mark, Mary Lou's huspband's surgery last Friday. The good new is he is already at home and is going to start chemo and radiation treatment shortly,

    She is hoping to do some more teaching this year. Please keep the both of them in your thoughts and prayers. They are both such lovely upbeat people. I saw Mark at the beginning of June when I went to her Idaho retreat and he looked great. Scary how quickly life can change, as you well know.