Monday, June 10, 2013


This past weekend was a combination of Mr. Toads Wild Ride and Adventureland!  Our DIL was having a cousin/sister weekend and so the son brought his kids over the mountain to spend the weekend with Grandpa G and Nana.  First on the agenda was the 2013 Sisters Rodeo!  The parade consists of the local high school band,  all the rodeo princesses and queens in the about a some beautiful women on horses!...and various organizations...pure small town fun!

It wouldn't be a parade without the Corgi's pulling their wagon and their musher Ann (outgoing director of the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show)

Paige, the webmaster for the Stitchin' Post was riding her horse in the parade also!

Needless to say, every parade needs a couple of chicken driving a car!

The finale is always a salute to our local fire departments!

Sweet exhaustion pursued me this weekend...heck it had been 24 years since I had a little one to chase around!  And this little guys was on the wonder they say children are for the young, lol. We had a blast spending time with our grandkids...and we know that time is limited.  Our 11 year old grandson is already more interested is spending time with his cousins then a couple of old fogies, lol!

up and down the stairs we went!

Enzo was trying to teach him to ring the bell...and they will open the door!

Come on kid...what did you do with the bell?

Hey!!!  This is my bed...and those are my treats!

When we walked down to the mailbox I discovered a package from Temecula Quilt Company...what the heck?  I don't remember ordering something from them???  Then I opened it up and my memory returned.  When I looked at the project I thought this is totally doable!!!....then I remembered it was a BOW, dang!!!

What did you do this past weekend????
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