Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Playing Catch Up...

Sometimes when you are forced to wait for something it creates a space of perfect harmony.  And thus was my yesterday.  I had to wait for delivery of landscaping bricks.  You know how deliveries are these days...sure we deliver, we'll be there sometime between 8 am and midnight (well, not really). means you do have to sit and wait because they only give you a 30 minute warning.   Because I was forced to stay in one place I had to slow down, and enjoy the moment. 

Robin came to visit and play.  Enzo went bonkers when he saw her...but he really wanted to see Brim, lol who wasn't along this trip.  She brought a couple of quilts to show me and had binding to tack down.  

This quilt is the BQ2 pattern and is amazing in the subtle colors that she chose.

Enzo is testing out the quilt while listening to Robin.

She is made this quilt for a girlfriend, such yummy colors...but they are Batiks...bleech!

Well, it has been a year since the gauntlet was thrown down at Material Girls to create a quilt with a pinwheel in the motif.  The contestants brought their quilts in a plain brown paper bag and they were hung by the accounting firm of Barb, Karen and Isabella...who tallied the votes for the winners...but, everyone was a winner because I brought prizes for everyone (remember I am still purging, lol)  The challenge for 2014 is Dresden Plates and I know I am going to participate in this one!  I already have formulated in my head what I am going to be making!

Enjoy the slide show!

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  1. Robin's quilts are beautiful and I like how she did both with the materials and layouts. Enzo is such an attention hogger, lol.


  2. They are all so beautiful, but I especially liked the one with the pumpkins & sunflowers, and the redwork one!
    Love how Enzo enjoys quilts!!!!

  3. Love Robin's quilts! (Especially that batik one... but then, I love working with batiks!) The pinwheel challenge quilts are fun, too--so interesting to see how different people interpret the design! Which reminds me that I am starting a pinwheel quilt, in 30's prints. Have most of it cut out except for the white fabric, which needs serious pressing before it can be cut! Can't wait to see what you all do with Dresden plates!

  4. Hi Anna! I am playing catch up too! I've been so busy I have missed so much in Blogland! I have loved your recent posts. You Material Girls look like such a fun bunch! I am jealous you get to go to market...look for my quilts while you are there! I will have several making their debut. I'll give you details if you want them!

  5. Just love hearing about what's going on with you...Will you be staying "put" more often now that you are living in Sisters instead of Bend?

  6. I LOVED your batik comment...this is something that I always THINK but never say aloud!! Too funny!! Love the slide usual!