Friday, May 10, 2013

Nooks & Crannies

I got the sweetest "new home" card from my girlfriend Colleen.  When I opened the envelope and pulled it out it became the sweetest 3D birdhouse!

One panel of the design wall is more to go and the Woolie will be in business! or at least be able to hang a few blocks, lol

I dived into piecing this week and OMG...does it ever feel great!  My first task has been to catch up on my BJ's BOM and I have this last step to complete and lordy, lordy I will be totally caught up!!!

This is the current months which I finished yesterday.  I had to make 2 of these 12 inch blocks.  I really love the focus fabric I chose and I think it will be a great fall quilt for our great room.

I have been settling back into life in Sisters.  It feels like I have come home although it has been 25 years since I lived here...and it is a different town than it was back then.  The real estate office where we purchased our lot used to be the video store.  There was no high school, the kids had to go to Redmond for high school.  And...I wasn't a quilter.  Yep, back when we lived here I was not a quilter. 

Yesterday I met a friend for lunch and while walking back home I discovered a little quilt group sewing away in an office building. Everyone was sewing away at their own projects...and they were all wonderful.  Dang, I didn't have my camera!   I suspect there are quilt groups located in all the nooks and crannies of this town!  It will be fun to discover what they are up too!  What I learned is...never leave home without my camera!!!

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