Monday, May 27, 2013

Let The Games Begin!

Now that I have had time to re-evaluate the purchases, desires and craziness of market...I decided the best approach was to finish a UFO first...that way I can feel good about what ever I decide to project or old project.  In looking at all the project boxes in my Command Center closet I chose the 2011 freebie BOW that Lisa from Primitive Gatherings...I was almost done and then got distracted in that Labrador Retriever kind of way.  I love it and it fits the great room perfectly!

I had stitched all the pennies but 4 and so I finished those up and then attached them to each other.

Now for the tough decision...what new project to start.  One that I found at Quilt Market or one that already lived in my sewing room???  Then I remembered a project that captured my attention from Primitive Quilts and Project magazine.  It was a cute wall hanging by Laural from Simply Put Plus who I met at market.  If you have been a Woolie reader for a while you will remember when I was in the throws of building, packing and cleaning I was so stressed that ordered a kit for a project featured in Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine.  I rationalized that since the pattern was "free" in the magazine that the kit was worth the investment.  When it arrived I never opened it and just packed it for moving...well, I decided to open it!  I have already made my first spool block and am in love!  All I can say is if you want to subscribe to a magazine...Primitive Quilts and Projects should be the one...and if you want to invest in a kit, Simply Put Plus is the site!

All the fabrics are labeled which makes it so much easier to figure everything out!  Thank you Laural!

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