Friday, May 3, 2013

Jibber Jabber

I found out that HH is on the cutting edge of cool!  Last nights news had a segment on the return in popularity of the vinyl.  HH must have over a hundred and his player is hooked up to speakers...and you know what, they sound really cool!  We can take a trip down memory lane every day remembering...when he had long hair and rode a motorcycle...oh wait, he still rides a motorcycle, lol.

I got a funny story for ya.  I had this Easter Island statue in my yard and I wanted to move it down to Quiet River...I forgot that he weighed a TON!!!  I was only able to move him to the middle of the driveway, and that was it!  No way I could I get him into my I left him there.  Then when HH and Enzo showed up you would have thought an alien had landed in our driveway...Enzo was circling him growling from a Mr. Easter Island has been in our yard for Enzo's entire life...but move him to the driveway and the dog poop hit the fan, LOL

Yesterday was a day to enjoy...the weather was beautiful and I did run some errands on Patty...but, I really wanted to catch up on my BJ's BOM.  With the move I got behind and tomorrow I had better show up with a completed block!  It felt so good and, I re-bonded with the fabrics I chose :) 

...and, I started cutting out my Glamping quilts for the camper!  I am so excited that HH is letting me have cart blanch at decorating the inside of the camper!  When I finish decorating it I will share a slideshow!

Hope you have an enjoyable fabric day!


  1. There is nothing like the sound of a record, cd's just aren't the same, lol.
    Can't wait to see your camping piece, that is fun fabric.


  2. That is cute fabric, the camper will will great I'm sure

  3. Can't wait to see your "Glamping" quilt.....I really want to make one for my daughter (who thinks glamping is an oxymoron) ..and I even bought her stainless steel wine glasses fo their tent LOL

  4. Hey Anna......hurry up and finish your summer BOW from last year. Lisa just gave a "sneak peek" of this years and as usual it's awesome!! I just signed up and I know you will too!!! We just can't help ourselves!

  5. Too funny about the statue!!