Monday, April 1, 2013

Winner & A little progress...April Fools!

First, the winner...Mr Random number generator and Enzo's dog dish cough up...Lupe who said, "Add me to the never ending list of those interested!  Would love to try something new and this may just be it!" Well Lupe, let me tell you my girlfriend Diane who lives in the Fredricksburg area of Texas is an addicted woolie!  Send me your mailing address and I will get it off to you before it is sucked up into a packing box!

I found another wonderful pattern and will post it for another Give Away next week!

I have loved receiving all your blog comments and don't for a second think I haven't read every single one of them...but, at this time I am unable to personally answer them like I would like too...SO, here goes...Enzo is surviving and appreciates all the sympathy he is receiving. I won't be packing those golf balls to the new house nor will I mail them, lol.  We are very excited about the move but our aching backs are letting us know that this WILL be the LAST time! I wish you all could have won the Give Away but I will have more Give Away's as I unpack, lol.  I am missing my Fabric Stalker Spring retreat and am sad about that.  I have appreciated all the tips and advice about packing and moving.  I love that everyone feels about the actual packing and moving as I do...and finally...I am not alone in my Steam a Seam fetish...and for those of you who requested some of my Steam a Seam...NO WAY...find your own source, lol!

HH decided that we should enjoy Easter breakfast at the new home...and he was cooking!

We filled two vehicles with boxes and headed may be the most ridiculous moving strategy. But, it works for us.  The new house is about 20 miles from the old, in some ways we are less motivated to efficiently pack but to just throw things in the truck/car and drive it over and put it up, lol.

Enzo is happier just hanging with us rather than going to the boarders. All this change and dealing with walking on the hardwood floors is just exhausting!

Back at home after unloading two vehicles worth of stuff our aching backs required a little medicinal intervention.  

Enzo was happier being on his deck....I actually think he is smiling a little bit.

His friends came buy to see how he was doing.

Since neither HH or I felt like was pizza time!  The problem here is I don't like most pizza.  I am not fond of large amounts of tomato sauce  nor cheese that slides around the top of a, it was Trader Joe's margarita pizza.  I add a little prosciutto and then on my half...some artichoke hearts!  

I can't wait for the day when I can sit in my sewing room and say...."hummm, wonder what I want to work on today?!"


  1. Nice to use your new kitchen and enjoy your old home and nature's friends too. Congratulations to Lupe!


  2. The last time I moved I used the same approach -- a few boxes each time I went over and actually found it more enjoyable this way because I could put things up as I went and wasn't overwhelmed by mountains of boxes or renting a huge truck and feeling like I had to do it all in a day or two. the problem comes about half way through when you need something that is at the other place already (mine was silverware -- oops)

  3. It may be a while before you can get back to those projects...It's fun to see the progression of your move to this new and fabulous place in Sisters. Your HH looks totally happy fixing that breakfast in your new kitchen. Carry on!

  4. Moving came be overwhelming, but your new home looks so lovely, I'm sure you will have a lot of fun making it 'yours'.

  5. How fun to have breakfast in your new home! Moving and putting things away a carload at a time is work~ but you don't end up with a pile of boxes to unpack. ;-) When we moved across town, all my friends who wanted to see the new place had to stop by the old place and take some boxes along. :-) Try it! Have a good week!

  6. good for her, sounds like you got it covered. the fireplace is beautiful! you're on the home stretch, hang in there, you will make it. poor Enzo, dogs have it so rough don't they? grin, have a good week!

  7. Congrats to the give away winner!

    Your first Easter breakfast in your new home looks like fun, especially with "himself" cooking!
    Happy moving and go easy on your back.

  8. Are you planning one day with a truck and a crew to move the "big pieces" that won't fit in a normal vehicle? When we moved in here, it was a whole three blocks away--a friend with a pickup helped my husband get the big stuff moved, and we made lots and lots of trips back and forth with the car. It was easy to take out the kitchen drawers, put them in the car and then empty them out here! Afraid I can't do that with my next move, though!

  9. how come there are kangaroo/wallabies looking at Enzo? are they living wild around your house?