Friday, April 26, 2013

We Are Getting Closer....

HH and I had to head to Bend since he had a dental appt., then we had meetings and errands to take care of.  On the way the radio personality told a story which made me laugh out loud.  He said that since Homeland security was in place that the rights of the average citizen were "less" clear and that a  group of FBI descended on a rural ranch during an investigation.  When the rancher objected the agent showed him his badge and stated in a forceful voice that it gave him to right to search any premises they wanted.  The agents moved up the road onto the property...a few minutes later the agents were running full out with a bull in hot pursuit!  The rancher who was on the fence yelled, "show him your badge!!!" ROFLOL...maybe it struck me funny because we live in rural area...but come's funny right! lol

Each evening when we sit on our patio Enzo looking longingly at close and yet, so far.  The creek is fairly high now and so Oscar can't make it across...and Enzo is not keen on water, lol.  Thus they look at each other with hope.

Patty is home!!!!!!!!  HH loaded her up on the back of his pickup and as soon as she was off  loaded I took a spin around town...I wonder if they'll let me ride her in a parade?  Is Sisters ready for Patty??

Today, I have 2 goals...plants some flowers for the deer to eat and keep unpacking my sewing room...I am getting close to completion...ahhhh.


  1. That is funny, lol. Poor Enzo, what a dilemma.


  2. I love Patty!!! Plant plastic flowers - they might eat them ONCE and then avoid. Don't waste your time or money on real flowers unless you want to put netting around them and even then, they nuzzle in there to get at the blooms and trample everything else in their path. I love to see the deer but I hate how they can be destructive.

  3. I love your story, ROFLOL.....gotta love rural life! I think Sisters is ready, take a spin, and maybe we will see you in the Rodeo parade its almost here!

  4. High Country Gardens sells bulbs and plants specifically that deer won't eat! Otherwise I guess just consider them fur-bearing lawnmowers?

  5. I just want to say"Thank You" for naming your scooter after me.LOL Yes, I think you need to ride in ANY parade.