Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Dogs Are Tired

HH and I are not the only ones who are pooped.

This blog is being written by Enzo...Learning to walk slowly while traversing a wood floor that feels like an ice skating ring...well it is exhausting! I was meant to run and now I walk like I am twice my age. Anna keeps saying, "slowly, slowly". And now I have added a new word to my extensive vocabulary...sloooowly!

Yesterday the peoples were moving a little slow themselves and although they stopped barking at each other they are groaning a lot in pain. And it seemed no ones brain was functioning very well. I am a little PO'd that they have placed my bowls across the wood floor...forcing me to walk on it to get sustenance. And...they forgot my bells at the other place so I have no way of letting them know I need to go out and piddle except to try to mind meld (like Spock) with Anna who's brain is mush.

I wish everyone could just get back to the regular schedule...I miss my quilt girls and I am a little worried that I am being replaced by that Prince Harry!

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  1. I noticed my guy got weak after we did the wood, so good to have rugs that he can run across. We ended up getting cheap 10 dollar rugs from a job lot and laid them in key areas, made it a lot easier.


  2. Took me a min. to catch on to the picture "Dogs" LOL. Our newly adopted Golden Lab (Only had her about a month) meet us at the back door the other day by laying down on her stomach and sliding across the floor to us. I think she just happen to slip and that is what happened but it was funny!! Am waiting for pictures of that new sewing room!!!

  3. Hi Enzo, I bet you don´t have to be afraid of being replaced. How can the king be replaced by a prince!?

  4. You made me laugh out loud...Enzo is such a kick. Congratulations on moving in and making your new house a home! Can't wait to see a photo walk through! xo, Colleen

  5. Enzo...whats with calling your mom Anna.? !!! You go bark at her now and tell her to get you LOTS AND LOTS of throw rugs so that you can walk from one to the next so that you do not injure yourself.

  6. Dear Enzo
    I hear you - I think you need to advocate for extra rations because of the extra calories that it takes to walk across the bloomin' floor. My "mum and dad" did the same thing to me--with the floors--and I was able to bounce around the house after a while.... Extra treats, Extra treats!!
    Your dawg friend - Roddy

  7. Oh my! Everyone is adjusting and weary with the effort... Remember, this too shall pass...

  8. Dear Enzo: normally I couldn't care what a dog felt (being a fantastic cat, myself), but last year my person moved from the only home I knew. First, she put me on the porch while strangers came in and took all our stuff, then she made me leave my house, knowing how much I hate to go outside (except for my safe porch) and brought me to another place - completely different ... nothing was where it belonged. I didn't talk to her for days! It's getting better and I have another safe porch...and there are better things to see (but I'll never tell her that). It will get better. Growltiger.

  9. Enzo! Just a warning -- we have the dreaded Pergo in our kitchen -- horrible when my big fuzzy doggie feet have snowballs attached . . . "marble walking like Tim Conway"!!!
    Quigley the Bearded Collie