Monday, April 8, 2013


I can say unequivocally that HH and I would take home the million dollars...of course we would be spending it on chiropractors, massage therapist and psychiatrists! The things that I am learning need a whole lot less than you want, a positive attitude creates success and my word for 2013 "embrace" is perfect for the year that HH and I embrace all that we have worked hard for during our lives together.

Yesterday, we woke up to driving wind and rain. A huge pine tree had fallen on a pickup at the south end of town! But. As I drove to Bend the clouds parted and we spent the rest of the day greeted by sunshine...until the last load was almost unloaded...and then it snowed

Although I was missing the Fabric Stalker retreat I had hired one of their sons and friend to load our furniture. They were fantastic! And, we literally would not have been able to do it without them!

HH returned the UHaul with 5 minutes to spare and we headed back to our "home.". There still will be a quilting dry spell as we have a lot of little things to still move and get rid of...besides cleaning the old house. This part makes me a little whinny but as HH'll be fine because we are coming home to a wonderful spot.

The bit of snow at the end of our move was perfect because when we woke up we were greeted by this...

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  1. Nothing like rain to dampen the day and make it harder to move things.


  2. Anna,
    What an amazing scene to start each day!

  3. So glad you had extra hands. Amazing isn't it? The things we did so easily on our own are not as easy any more. A bit of help is much appreciated, hired or family. DD Jeana started moving my quilt room upstairs over spring break. (She uses our ID home to visit her 3 oldest kids.) So far, she's moved the fabric from the quilt room up and John's library down. Sounds great but as a fellow quilter you understand the guest room closet is full of projects and fabric. A file cabinet is full of quilt books. The linen closet contains wooly projects. There are bins beneath all beds in 4 rooms. The over the door bags contain notions and quilty things, 2-3 of those. Lots of containers are filled with quilty items. This home has 7 and 1/2 years of quilt history. I'm starting to pack up quilting from the AZ home as we will head back in 3 weeks.... Does all this sound familiar?

  4. I'm so happy for you and HH!!

  5. Anna it sounds like you HH and friends had quite the adventure in movingly. But look at the great ending and years of enjoyment you will have in your new home.

    Congratulations to you all for surviving with spirit and humour.

  6. Oh. . . ! it's as if the 'Sisters' were saying, "welcome!. . . we're so happy you are here. . . we dressed up just for you!" :o) Beautiful way to start this new chapter.