Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday Muses

Sunday was a non-stop work day!  We made major headway in our final push to clear out of the old house.  I took several hundred golf balls that Enzo and I collected over the years and poured them out along the golf path.  OMG, the golfers who were teeing off were ecstatic and even helped me carry more buckets down.  How I wish I could have one of those nanny cams to see how subsequent golfers reacted upon turning the corner in the path and seeing all those golf balls!!! LOL  This week will be our last week working at the old house, Habitat for Humanity is picking up a big load on Wed. The cleaners will come in and do their final touches and I have to arrange the carpet cleaning...and then...we are DONE!!!  Alleluia!

Deciding to take control of my crazy life, I joined Weight Watchers.  Now, some would think that I am totally crazy to join a weight loss program during this totally insane time...but, it sounded perfect to me!  When you can't control one area of your life...control another, lol.  And, as par for the course I am doing well...all I need is a place where I can be in control of something, lol.  Of course my Fabric full of Fiber!!!

...can you see why I am excited to go to Quilt Market?!!!  Notice anything about my  stash???

I have been organizing and making a pile for my next Give Away...stay stunned!
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