Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Jibber Jabber from a bone tired quilter!

I woke up this morning at 0400...ready to start the day!!!  I was having a Labrador  moment and finally settled on dealing with my Tupperware.  I have an ongoing issue with tupperware...I have tried over the years to figure out a way to deal with it...in the last couple of years I adopted my sister's system...bottom in one baskets and lids in another.   

I've decided this system sucks...and so attached the lids to the tops...you know what happened?  I had about 10 more lids than bottoms!  I sorted through the baskets and picked out various sizes and decided...really, how much tupperware does one need?  I chose a variety of sizes and they fit into one drawer...the rest I sent to Goodwill.  I have to say, moving makes you really look at what you really need and what you keep just because.

I had a box of stuff from my sewing room, pieces of batting, fabric, quilt tops and magazines and decided to run them by the Material Girls.  Even though I can't sew with the girlfriends it was still good for the soul to stop by, chit chat and see what everyone was working on!

Look at what Linda quilted!!!  Isn't it gorgeous!!!!  Sunflowers are my favorite flower and I eat sunflower seeds regularly while sewing! lol

Jo Ann made this adorable outfit for her great granddaughter.  The lady bugs are as cute as she it!

Kathleen finished another applique quilt and was looking for a name...I decided it should be called Bollywood Dream...what do you think?

I was blown away...by Linda!  She not only has been finishing projects but they are absolutely beautiful!  This one is entirely hand quilted!

This is my favorite block.

HH is about the best guy in the entire world...he is even better than Enzo...although, if Enzo had opposeable thumbs and could carry boxes I think he would be pretty great also! Anyhoo, HH decided it might feel better if I got more of my stash into the new house. So, he loaded his pickup truck with a bunch of boxes and then hauled them upstairs to the command center!!!  here is a peek...fun huh!

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