Monday, April 15, 2013

HH's Command Center

Yesterday was set aside to work on HH's Command Center ~ the garage!  A friend with experience in these matters came over, directed and worked on the project with HH.  It turned out amazing.  Looks like an ice skating rink!  It will take 3 days to totally dry before he can move his worktable in place.

Once the job was done we celebrated Jim's birthday with some Mexican food, margaritas and a Red Velvet Cake that Robin brought over!  

Before HH started his project he hung up my quilt top rack!  This is a rack built by my Honey Do, Terry.  I only hang quilt tops that need to be quilted on this rack...can you believe how many tops I need to quilt!!!!

I have been on a little emotional roller coaster as I unpack and it was nice to have the encouragement of know, girlfriends just get you.  I was so excited to get a photo of the Primitive Gatherings BOM done by one of the Fabric Stalker.  She walks to a different drummer and decided she wanted to use her own fabric and created a quilt that is truly a "one of a kind!"

...and I set up my sewing machine!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. The garage looks wonderful, your husband will love working in there.
    I love your quilt rack. I have a ladder and keep some on that, but I too have too many that need quilting, so it would be nice to have them up like that to remind me to finish them;)


  2. My to-be-quilted tops live in a tub in the "studio" where they are safe from dust and cats! I have a couple of in-progress quilts that live on the table behind the sewing machine, and then of course there are the WIPs...I noticed that you have a Twisted Sister quilt top that is very similar to the one I'm sewing binding onto now!

  3. Love that quilt rack -- it is quite full I see. I have a ladder in my space that basically serves the same purpose. If I try to put other things on there it starts to push away from the wall and kitties then try to climb it.

    I love that BOM project it's simply beautiful

  4. Love the quilt rack, and congrats on setting up your sewing machine, doesnt that feel good.

  5. Be careful driving into that garage. The glare off that floor might make you go right through. It looks nice and fresh.

  6. I WANT a rack like yours!
    I noticed Enzo's bed below the rack, I suppose he is going to guard the UFOs with his life.

  7. I love that rack, great idea!
    Your husband's garage looks awesome!

  8. I love that garage, wish it were Mine!!! Tool Buff Here!
    Love that quilt rack too, wow such beauty hanging there.
    It looks like an art gallery display.
    Sew machine will travel!
    Good for you!

  9. Oh my gosh beautiful garage. I am so jealous. You can send you hubby to do my garage floor anyday he would like to travel to South Carolina. Love the quilt rack.

  10. Merely setting up that machine must make you feel like progress is happening... :0)!

  11. Oh, ya, I want one of those quilt racks...Does he take orders? The garage floor is totally awesome...Could we see another photo of that area in a year or so? (!)

  12. Oh my - that garage is huge and shiny! Looks like you could literally eat off that floor - or ice skate on it! LOL
    Anna, youw quilts are stunning!!!!!!

  13. Don't want to walk on that floor and get scratches on it. WOW what a fantastic quilt rack and so many wonderful quilts to see.

  14. Reminds me of my mom saying - don't walk on the floor - it is wet....

    but truly, setting up the sewing machine is a BIGGIE.