Thursday, April 11, 2013

Escavating Memories

Before I start babbling I want to encourage you to go check out the Woolie Flicker site!  I have been so busy that I was shocked at all the new quilt photos posted! you guys rock in getting a March UFO done and thank you for least someone out there is getting some quilting time in...I gotta get going in order to post an April UFO!!

Yesterday I spent the day at the old house going through piles of stuff...kinda like an archaeologist.  I found this absolutely wonderful cookbook made by my youngest son when he was in the first grade!  It will take me a lot longer than I thought to excavate the house because I keep finding memories that require me to sit and reminisce.  I found some song lyrics written by HH 30 years ago???  actually made me teary.  We were broke, working hard, raising a child and dreaming :)

...and then it happened!  I found another container of fabric!!!!!!!!!!!!!  NO!!!!!!!!!!  I thought I had moved and unearthed it all.  But like the tomb of King Tut...this house keeps revealing more riches, lol.  This bucket was filled with flannel for backings?!  It was not located in my sewing room but at the bottom of the linen closet.  I swear I am going to keep my new command center organized and know where each and every piece of fiber is located!

I love making promises that provide a challenge!


  1. I thought I was organized but a gremlin must have come in my room and messed it all up, haha.


  2. I think you should just call that "free" fabric! When we moved that is what I enjoyed the most, the moments of recollection of an earlier period of our life.

  3. Welcome to my world of mysterious tubs! I'm having a similar experience just going through some of the boxes and tubs that were packed up five years ago when we did the renovation on this house. Tackling Himself's glass collection alone is a trip down memory lane...

  4. It is SO fun to read about the bounty you keep coming across. I really need to have Suzette read your blog as she has LOTS of fabric here, there, and EVERYWHERE! One time she showed me all of the places where she had fabric stashed...YIKES! Pretty amazing!