Sunday, April 14, 2013

Decisions, Decisions... continues to amaze me!  Even though I purged, donated and sold a lot of stuff out of my sewing room when I was packing...I still have too much!  It is amazing to me that I have been sewing in a room that is approximately 100 square feet and have now moved into a 600 square feet room and still can find room for everything.  Makes me realize that I really had a magic room! If you ever build...I can tell you, no matter how big the closet is still too small!  So, as I unpack I am purging again!!! LOL 

Enzo is settling in and loves the command center because it is carpeted, lol.  While unpacking we found his sewing room treat jar!

It has been a little like Christmas today.  There were a few items that I purchased for the new sewing room but never opened until today.  I have always been a Curly Girl fan and when I saw this metal bulletin board I had to have it.  Now it is hanging in my room.

This items was a gift from Keith & Linda.  Keith is the manager of Hancock Fabrics and swears by this magnetic knife holder. At the time I received it I didn't have a spot to hang it but knew that someday I would, so tucked it away until today! I love it!  No longer digging through a drawer looking for that specific pair of scissors, plus it holds all my other tools!  Keith said he got it at Ikea...thank you again for helping me get organized!

Today is a big work day for HH.  He and a friend are sealing the garage floor...the best part for me...the friend is a husband of a Fabric Stalker...which means while the boys are working...there is going to be some stitching happening!!!!
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