Thursday, April 25, 2013

Break Time!

Every day a herd of about 10+ deer travel back and forth, morning and evening.  These deer are very different than the golf course deer.  The golf course deer if you opened your sliding door they would spook. NOTHING spooks these deer!  Enzo is real good about not chasing them and they aren't the least bit afraid of him.

In this photo you can see a cat just laying there watching the deer!

Finally the deer got tired of the cat watching and gently encroached on his space so he would move on, lol.

We decided to take today off and just enjoy being...which meant I puttered in my sewing room, HH told a motorcycle ride and then we walked down to the Sisters Coffee Company for an iced decaf latte.  While HH and Enzo enjoyed sitting outside I ventured over to the Paulina Book Store and purchased a couple of books for us.  The one I chose was written by Jane Kirkpatrick and the author will be giving a reading Friday evening.

For HH I chose this one!  He has already started reading it...good choice! lol

On the quilting front I decided to see how "Jackie's" Civil War Quilt looks on the bed that my family will be sleeping in when they visit.  If you remember, my friend Jackie passed after her bout of ovarian cancer and left her sewing room to the MG's.  This was a Fons and Porter BOM that she purchased but never started.  I think she would be tickled that I got it done!

Today we are back to work but I am stitching a little in the evening which is so relaxing...looks like things are going to get exciting on the quilting front!  How about you...are you quilting more or less these days?
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