Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Stitch

I took yesterday off from all the work...a reminder by Sandy made me take a deep breath and join a couple of girlfriends...just to spend some time together.  It was a perfect day to take off because the sun and mountains were out in all their majestic glory.  

Enzo was beyond ecstatic!  He has been quilting and girlfriend deprived and you could really tell cause he went bonkers at seeing the girlfriends, lol.  I wanted to ask him, "what am I chopped liver?"  But, he was too excited to even give me the time of day...obviously he is bored with this life of packing and moving.  

After the girlfriend time I got back to it...wanting to keep plugging away at the command center.  A little bit at a time...I was desperate to find something that I could just sit down and stitch without a lot of thinking and I found my little stitchery from Primitive Gatherings book, Summer Gatherings.  I can't tell you how wonderful it was to take a stitch!  I have got to make more time for this!!!
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