Friday, March 22, 2013

Treasure Hunt, the sequel

This discovery takes me back!  I had this little quilt supporting a plant pot behind my sofa where it was never seen.  I totally forgot about it! When we moved the sofa out and the plant went to Robin's house for re-potting I threw this wall hanging in the wash.  It does have a special place in my quilt heart.  It is the only feathered star I have ever made.  I was taking a class from Marsha McClosky during Quilt Show week and I would occasionally look out the window of the classroom and see this awesome place for sale on the other side of the river.  Finally by mid-afternoon I called my mom and told her about the place for sale on the river.  She had been looking for a vacation home in Central Oregon so on her next visit she checked it out and Quiet River became a part of the family vacations and then a place for the Fabric Stalkers to spend some time stitching together.

It looks like I trapunto'd the feathers and then stippled in the black.  The washing really made that stippling pucker up, lol.  I used metallic thread in various areas of the quilt.  

Do you remember this redwork...I blogged about this project a couple of years ago??? or maybe last year???  Well the project bag it was in got kicked under my cutting table!  I printed the motif on Transfer Eze and stuck it to the backgound.  The thread is Aurfil.  I think I need to get this done so it can hang in my sewing room.  Packing up the sewing room has proved to be an UFO list is getting longer and it may be a while before I start anything new...NOT! lol

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