Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Spring Woolie

( lots new quilts on the Flicker 2013 UFO check out what Woolie readers are accomplishing!)

We are enjoying our typical spring weather.  Although spring is still a few days away, this weekend is the Spring forward...which means spring weather, lol.  Yesterday, I woke up to a snow covered landscape....but, by the afternoon the sun was out, the snow was gone and the mountains were singing!

I am happy to say my taxes are done!...or at least the information is at the accountant.  Several items crossed off the list today...including the dog food I needed to buy, the fridge we needed to purchase and the camping sites I needed to reserve for the Buggy Barn Quilt Show!  I love crossing things off a list...I think I could become a list maker!!!

I did make some headway on my Halloween stitchery.  The witches boot is done!!!  I believe that I can get this done by Halloween.   Once the stitchery is done then I have to piece the blocks that go around it and Halloween wall hanging done...what do you think...can I pull it off???

ya know...I wouldn't mind having a pair of these boots!


  1. It is nice to get things done and be able to relax. I sure hope spring is here, I have had enough of the snow and cold winds. Today we are off to look at cabinets elsewhere to check on comparable ones and prices, before we make a final decision.


  2. Your Halloween stitchery looks great! I can't tell, are you doing back stitch or stem?

  3. You can do it! Just keep remembering where you put it when you are moving the Command Center...I keep finding things that were "put away safely" and are just now resurfacing!

  4. There are camp sites for Buggy Barn? As in tents/etc? I have been thinking of going but worried about expenses...can you email me the info?

  5. I love that stitchery pattern! Great getting things accomplished.