Thursday, March 28, 2013

Saving Moola

Trying to pack is a daunting process with a quilter who has the brain of a Labrador Retriever!  Yesterday was the day set aside for the file cabinet.  Organizing the family files, the business files and the black hole files.  It is amazing what you find in do I need receipts from 2007???

I want to forewarn any of you who are contemplating a move in the next 10 years.  START NOW!!!  It is really hard to pack for more than 2 hours at a time...and when there are two of you packing...just get out of town.  Here is an example of a packing scenario...

Me: quietly looking through files and receipts, wow...that was cheap...

HH:  hey, I found a key to the front door!

Me: no way...I need a key to the front door (now that we are moving)  where did you find it?  

HH:  I'm going to put it on a key ring and label it ( actually label keys, ROFLOL...that is way to organized for this family)

Me:  What are all these keys in this drawer for???  hey...I think this is a safety deposit key, but it doesn't have a number on it...humm wonder what bank that goes too?

An hour later I am sitting back down looking at a receipt from Lowe' that was cheap...

HH:  hey, what's this for....

....and round and round we go...I have the dreaded feeling that we will get to the point that we'll be packing our garbage again, which is another story from another move...for another day, lol.

After 2 hours I needed a Pinterest break...which should have only lasted the designated 15 minutes.  But I found these patterns and so 30 minutes later and a gazillion pages later I printed out this awesome pattern for FREE (That's Quilty language for saving moola)  from Moda Fabrics Blog!

There are so many ideas swimming around in my head!  Not only the quilt but a table runner, mug rug, little is worth the paper and ink to print this one by Kate Spain.

...and this one...duh!  just think of the center in wool!!!!!!

Well, I guess I better do a little packing before I head out to Sisters.  Going to meet my Insurance Agent and after that I will be meeting the landscaper who will be giving me a lesson on the irrigation system.

Don't forget the Give Away!  Just leave a comment you are interested in the pattern and yes I agree after reading some of your comments, that Lynda is an amazing designer...and, it is so nice of all of you to volunteer to take the pattern off my hands, lol.  Just be sure you are a registered follower of the Woolie...we appreciate it!


  1. Would love to take the May basket table runner off your hands. The end must be in sight with your packing ...

  2. That is how I feel about cleaning up my mess, the basement will have to be cleared out and cleaned with bleach this year, so most of it will be trashed or go to the salvation, but I want to wait till it is nice out and i can throw it all on the lawn to go through it.


  3. What is it with orphan keys? My DH does that same thing - throw them all in a pile, then years later waste all day trying to figure out what they're for - then label the ones you figure out, and throw the others...yep...back in the drawer!? I say pitch them all in the trash - you haven't needed them yet!

  4. LOL that is how we packed too! Finally I sent DH on errands so I could clear out stuff without him asking 'what's that' every time. ;-) Thanks for the free pattern link!~ love it!

  5. I am a follower...Yep and keys....No wonder they are always can find the key for the door when you need it and then when you don't they discover sevral at once stuck in a stupid lov em. After all they do buy us all this lovely fabric we keep hiding from them...Until we move that is.....They they see it all....And wonder where in the world all that stuff came from....

  6. That's exactly how I would pack! That's how I clean too!!

  7. I have the same problem! But, I have found I do best when there is a timeline facing in 2 hrs, it has to be loaded on the truck. So next time I move, I will have my friend call me, and say, The truck is on the way, and will be there in 1 hour. They charge $75 for 30 min, increments beyond arrival. So, don't be late. just an idea,,,you know. :))

  8. Oh, I'm with you on that free pattern, what's a little printer ink when there are mugs to be had! I already have the first block cut out as I saw this on Moda's blog :)

  9. Ohh, a wool center - love it.