Monday, March 4, 2013

OH, #$%^!!!!!!!!!!

Well, HH and I drove out to the new homes site and were excited to see the front porch railing in the progress of going up...but...@#$%^& they also put on all the new door hardware and the key we were given didn't work in the we couldn't go inside!!!!  So close and yet so far...there I was with my face plastered against the windows trying to see what had happened inside...drats!

So, no photos!  The outside cedar shakes had been stained and there was one guy working on the front rail...sigh.  Oh well, maybe tomorrow we'll have photos.  Now that HH is retired we can go out together anytime.  To make ourselves feel better we stopped in at the Sister's Coffee Company and then I bought myself a present.  I found this sweet sheep at the second hand store....really...who would give up this woolie!

I packed 3 more boxes and Enzo and I enjoyed a nice walk...I guess the day wasn't a total loss!

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