Saturday, March 30, 2013

Moving Trauma

The house is perfect...well, at least in my own view.  This build has made me feel so close to my dad...he was a Realtor, builder and all around crazy guy who left us for the sail boat in the sky way to young, at the age of 49.  He would be so amazed at this house.  Simple yet beautiful.  Although HH and I approached this build with all the excitement of kids who have no fear...there is someone in our life who definitely is not feeling the love.  I have been tempted to send Enzo to the boarders so he will not be underfoot or worried...but, HH thinks we should keep him with us until the day of the big move in another week.  Poor guy...he thinks if he doesn't see ain't happening.

Yesterday was a beautiful day...the kind where you have the windows on your car down so you can breath in all the fresh air.  I went to have my studs changed out on my car before heading out to Sisters to meet the window covering guy.  It is amazing how fast he could get them hung...and boy, is it ever starting to look like a home.  When I got back to the Bend home the golfers were out in droves which made me wonder???...what am I going to do with all these golf balls that Enzo and I have collected over the last few years?

Don't forget about the Give Away! only 2 more days till we see what the dog dish coughs up!


  1. Those golf balls look like you have been busy decorating for Easter. A strange shape for eggs, but the colors are right for the day ;)

  2. Poor Enzo, you looks so cute hiding behind the curtain.

    My brother and his son collect unique golf balls, too bad I didn't live closer and I'd see if they would lie any.

    Happy Easter.

  3. My husband will take the golf balls...perfect for practice

    Poor puppy....he is FREAKED out.

    Now, Peppermint Patty needs to come live at my house as you cannot drive her from Sisters to Bend and when you move to Sisters, you can walk everywhere...I will take REALLY GOOD CARE OF HER.

  4. Poor Enzo, but I do think he'd be more traumatized not seeing you guys for a week or so than being around all the moving activity! So glad your house is finished, and that you are pleased with the result! So important to have a place that feels like "home."

  5. Yes, what are you going to with all those golf balls, lol.


  6. If I didn't know any better I'd say those were Easter eggs!!!

  7. Poor little Enzo! They always know when something is up! He,ll be better of with you. He'd get lonely at the bording place. Hope all goes well with the move. Good luck!

  8. had to smile at the buckets of golf balls , what fun!
    poor Enzo I bet he will love his new house once you get there!