Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Micro ~ Manager!!!

Can you imagine...HH, told me to stop micro-managing his packing duties and go to my quilt group!  Who was I to argue!  So off I went for a few hours of laughter and stitching with the Material Girls...no complaints here. But, when I was leaving the MG's and going home I told the girls,  "I'm heading home to micro~manage...that some girls were meant to be bosses."  Well, he showed me!  He was already in the driveway throwing the ball for Enzo...just waiting for me to arrive home.  Then he gave me a smooch and said, "it's a wonderfully warm afternoon, perfect for a motorcycle ride!"  I didn't even get out my first directive before I saw him pulling out onto the street. I beginning to think he doesn't understand that I am the boss of this move.  So, you know what I did?  I told Enzo "GET IN THE HOUSE!"...you need to start packing!  He was so pooped out from the ball playing that he just went in and laid down for a nap!  Sheesh, being a micro manager isn't any fun when there is no one to manage!

The group was so fun and Prince Harry showed up...he is so adorable and such a happy puppy!

Hope you enjoy the slide show of the MG's...quilt groups are the best!  Today we continue to pack and then the final walk-through this afternoon!  I am so excited I can't stop giggling...which on a woman soon to enter her 60th decade just looks like I am mad...as in crazy! lol

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  1. I hope that was a typo and you're really only entering your 6th decade! Otherwise I'd have to say you look terrific for 600' not a day over 550!

  2. LOL, I didn't even notice that, what is your secret to a long life, lol.

    The puppy is so cute, my guy is doing better today, wish it were nicer so I could take him outside.


  3. STOP with the cute pictures of Prince Harry! Every time I see him it makes me want another dog and I am NOT giving into temptation. :)

  4. Where do you find time to pack, sew, and make smile boxes. Always a treet. Thanks,

    I guess Google+ has me as a no reply blogger. And, I can't seem to fix it. Darn!

    1. I am really an alien form another planet and have 2 brains, and 4 arms, lol

  5. Hi Anna, I don´t want to annoy you with all my comments but I have to tell you that I always love to read what and HOW you write as it puts a smile on my face everytime I visit your blog. You should think about writing your memoirs some day. P.s- I´m that sort of micro manager, too and it feels good to know I´m not alone.

  6. Lol...Guess he knows you really well and he knows how to escape in just the nick of time and do it gracefully.