Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hummm...solving a problem...multiply!

Yesterday was one of those days where you just wonder if there will be a way in the future where you can divide yourself???  Like in Multiplicity!!!  If there ever was a day that I could have used a couple of more of was yesterday.  There was no way that I could skip my water excercise, my body was screaming for relief!  And then HH and I sat down and organized our taxes filling out a worksheet that our accountant gave us.

What!!!!  People actually win and lose money gambling...and the IRS wants to know how much???  I told HH when I was putting the big ZEROS on the line...thank goodness there wasn't a line for quilting fabric!  Or....maybe I needed to take up gambling so I could pay for some of my quilting addiction!

I started thinking about it seriously when a package was delievered to my front was too big to fit in the mailbox. the postman has to come knocking on my door.  Remember last week when I was having particularly stressful day and I ordered a frame for a project I haven't started and a couple of other patterns....well, they arrived!  lucky for me HH was taking a nap and I just carried it upstairs...which is ridiculous because I am just going to have to pack them and carry them back down stairs!

cute patterns, huh!  that is why I couldn't help myself!  My toad Harry agreed.

Here is the frame...I am leaving it packed in the box for obvious reasons.

I picked up more boxes from a gal who had just moved to Redmond and we are ready to pack!

...and yes I am packing my selvages to the new house because I am bound and determined to make something out of them!

Today, I am taking a little break from the madness and heading to embroidery group at Sew Many Quilts and then in the evening HH and I are invited to the Sisters Outdoor Foundation Event...should be lots of fun!


  1. Just take one day at a time and make a list-enjoy your day and friends. Sally

  2. Maybe anything you order in the next couple of weeks should just be sent directly to the new house?

  3. I'll share my patterns if you'll share yours! Love em! I think I will order a frame to, then I will have to paint it though

  4. Great Selvage's collection. I just started collecting them. Wish I had started 30 years ago. I didn't realize they had a use way back then. You have enough to do something with. Are you gonna save enough to do a huge quilt or just for some small projects?

  5. I am working on that Threads that Bind four sheep one now..if I were motivated, they would have been done a month ago!