Monday, March 25, 2013

Break Time!

We wanted to take a break from the packing and we really needed some grandson smooch time!  So we headed over the mountain...and, if I had been driving we might not have made it because we got behind this car!!!!!!  I couldn't believe it!  I wanted to yell, "Follow that car!"  Ahhhh, she must dye her own want a license plate like that!  This photo is the closest this post will get to quilting, so close it down if you don't want to hear about the grand kids, lol.  I did stitch a little on the way over on the Redwork sewing machine.  But once we got there it was all about the smooches.  Our oldest grandson stayed overnight at the hotel with us which made Enzo's day!

We went over Mt. Hood because the road was better after the storm...but the fresh snow on the mountain looks spectacular.

The boys came to the hotel so they could swim and our youngest grandson was sooooo excited!  laughing and splashing with his big brother.

Big brother has been a good trainer for Enzo and it looks like little brother may follow in his footsteps!

We were celebrating big brother's 11th birthday a little late with some yummy Korean food.  We blindfolded him and made him do the birthday choosing between the thread, the pencil, the money and the apple.  He chose the apple!  so he will never go hungry, lol.

here are my two favorite grandsons!

two wild and crazy guys!

birthday boys parents got trick candles and they kept relighting!!!  We laughed so much blowing as he was doing...I think the frosting was a little wet, lol.

The trip home was over Santium Pass was beautiful, fresh snow but the temp was 38 degrees which meant it was starting to Spring time in the mountains!

I asked HH if he really expected me to pack 8 hours a day and he said no...4 was good enough...which means today, I am taking a 4 hour break and heading to the MG's.  Perfect day to go as it is potluck day!!!  I swear I'll have some quilty photos tomorrow!


  1. Thanks for the pretty pictures and the grands. How long does it take to drive over? I so want to visit Oregon soon!!! Boy, it won't be long and you will be in your new home. Enjoy your MG's.

  2. T'was the weekend for grandsons! Mine are now off to Dodgers' spring training--a dream vacation for baseball-obsessed boys and their dad. Mom is enjoying watching them all enjoy baseball! Waiting to see if they get to meet some of their favorite players!
    We used to use trick candles on Bob's dad's birthday cake. Couldn't trick the kids with them, but his dad fell for it every time!

  3. That is a good way to take a break and I love drives through the mountains, just taking it all in can relax us and rejuvenate us. It is fun that you got to spend time with the boys and nice that you can have them swim at the hotel, great for a winter activity.


  4. Oh how I enjoyed your trip...loved the snow and the pool pictures!! I had a smile on my face throughout the whole read!! :o))) thanks!

  5. All of images are telling the truth of your break time!!!!

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  6. Looks like a fun time was had by all. Glad you had them for the night too, that's always special.