Sunday, March 10, 2013

ba ~ boeing

We sprang forward!!!  I am one of those individuals who wishes the government would stop this back and forth...changing of my life...I have a hard enough time figuring out my calendar let alone the hours of the day, lol.  

Anyhoo, yesterday was another day of quilting at Val's house.  With her DH away on a photography trip we get to play!  There were 5 of us and we enjoyed conversation, quilting, food and planning our next adventure.  The Fabric Stalkers are heading to the Buggy Barn Quilt show in August and we are camping over that weekend....a kind of Fabric Stalker Burning Man adventure!

Today is a day of work, more packing and moving some furniture over to Quiet house looks like a disaster but it is for a good cause, lol.  Thanks for viewing the slide show we are creating some fun!

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  1. Anna - I love your 'next block' - what pattern is it from??
    Al the wool projects your friends are working on look yummy - I need to start something 'springy'.

  2. I love your Smileboxes - thanks for taking the time to make them for us. Your friends sure choose beautiful projects. I love everyone!!!

  3. Anna, keep on stitchen the BOW from PG---I am now on the red hearts with all those
    French knots------boring!

  4. another fun time! Good for you!

  5. That is one thing I hate, packing, lol. Unpacking is more fun, then you get to redecorate your new house. Love the flower piece you are making.


  6. So, inquiring minds want to know--on your Buggy Barn/Burning Man adventure, will you be burning an effigy of Polly-Esther?

  7. Love all the photos and the deer! They are so adorable.
    Packing...ick, gag, puke.