Friday, February 8, 2013

Wool Mentor

The thing about quilting is you always have around you some wonderful mentors.  I was lucky enough to have signed up for a Wool BOM at BJ's Quilt Basket with Karlene who was a wonderful and easy going teacher.  I fell passionately in love with Wool...yes, I like quilting, embroidery, cross stitch and applique...but I love wool!  Here are photos of some of her work.

I took this wool project bag class and just love mine!  She will be offering the class at, if you are local and you want to make this fabulous is a wonderful multi-session class where you will enjoy having a useful yet, beautiful bag.

This project is wonderful with it's variety of techniques!

...and who wouldn't love this one!

will be posting some retreat photos the mean time...I am relaxing and sewing, lol...ahhhh the good life!


  1. I need to decide what I want to do today, have lots of ideas, just want something that is fun.


  2. Is the woman in this photo you?? She looks so much like the lady that owned a quilt shop in Northern California... I'd lost he!!!

    1. No, that's not me. Her name is Karlene and she is a quilting/stitching teacher. I am not sure if she owned a shop but will ask her tomorrow. What was the name of the shop???

  3. That bag looks fun and useful. Question...Is a quilt made from wool blocks heavy? It is truly beautiful with it's richly colorful wool. Retreats are SO fun!

  4. I LOVE wool too! Your mentor is very talented - what a treat to see her treasures.

  5. Love the wool bag too. Wish I was in the area for the class. Does she have a pattern for it that might be for sale? Inquiring minds want to know :)