Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Whatcha Up Too???

So tell me...what have you been up too?  There are a couple new photos up on the Flicker site so check them out.  I need to get moving on some UFO's, I feel like I have slowed down a little.  Although I tend to be a last minute kinda gal I suddenly feel the urge to start packing some boxes.  

Our move in date won't be till the end of March but when I walked into my sewing room this morning it looked like a big fiber monster threw up in there!  The thought of moving this room seems overwhelming and so I thought I might feel better about it if I started a little at a time.  

I feel a Give Away in my future...I am sure I will find something to recycle...maybe when I reach that 500 number..we'll see.

Yesterday was the Woolie group at QuiltWorks.  I took a few photos and put them into a slideshow to share with you.  I always am stimulated to keep stitching when I see what everyone else is doing.  It is like sitting next to someone who has ordered the Mud Pie and you have a small bowl of jello!  lol

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  1. I am anal about stuff so I would be packing boxes little by little right now. Going thru and giving away, throwing away, etc. Every box would be marked with contents, room it is going into on the label. I make a map numbering the rooms & color code a sticker and the boxes co-ordinate with the room number and color of the sticker. Can you tell I have moved a lot... LOL

  2. LOL 'a big fiber monster' in your house? :-) What a mental image! I've been trying to get more organized, but it seems I've just made a bigger mess! ;-) Have a happy day!

  3. Thanks for the show and tell - it's always good from your woolies. Oh packing - sunshine I don't envy you on that one. We had movers - but moved my sewing room by ourselves. Even I was shocked at what I had lol - poor hubby during one of our many treks hauling sewing stuff he said "boy you shouldn't have to buy anything for while" smiling the entire time - he knows me to well lol. Good Luck on the packing :)
    Hugs - Karen

  4. Love the snowmen pillow with the one eyed is rough sometimes! Great idea to start packing the things you know you won't be using before your move.

  5. When my daughter and I had the renovation done on the house, everything went into containers in the driveway. Horrible! Then after they were unloaded I fell and broke my ankle, which is why many things are still packed 5years later! I need to downsize and move but after 40 years in this house, it's pretty daunting!

  6. yes I started packingmine up little by little with least used fabrics and patterns first. Machines and accesories went with me in my vehicle when we actually moved in. I wan't about to let those babies outta my site. Too bad you live so far away. i would be happy to help you destash...laughing as I type this along with everyone else on here.