Monday, February 4, 2013

The Dol

We headed up to Portland to celebrate our grandson's first birthday...of course that put me into close proximity of a couple of awesome quilt stores, which will be a blog later this week, lol.  First the Dol...not Doll...but Dol, which is Korean tradition of celebrating the first birthday.  Just so happened we were celebrating 2 birthdays, our grandson's first and HH's 60th..which is another BIG birthday in the Korean tradition.  It is steeped in survive until your first birthday  or to live to your 60th was a big reason to celebrate.  The first birthday celebration is called the Dol.  the 1 year old is dressed in traditional Korean garb,  a hanbok and placed in front of several objects...a pencil, money, apple and thread.  What ever the child picks first is a prediction of his life.  And all of the choices are positive, pencil = intelligence, money = richness, apple = never being hungry and thread = long life.

Can you see what our little Wyatt chose!!!  The thread...and although I am sooooo happy that he will have a long life...a part of me screams....QUILTER!!!!!

My DIL is a jewel and she has got 3 boys to deal with...just like I did! lol

oh yeah...when I look in those eyes...I see the future.

nothing like cousins and your big brother to help celebrate, year one!

The quilt was a hit with both Wyatt and big brother...and it got Enzo's seal of quilt approval! lol

...and both birthday boys like their cake!

tomorrow, we get back to quilting.  I had a wonderful time at both Holly Hills and Pioneer Quilts...although I came home with an empty wallet, I had a full heart and I will show you what I purchased and my plans for future projects!

PS. Our dear friend Jerry passed to that Route 66 in heaven...please keep his wife Twilene in your prayers.
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