Monday, February 4, 2013

The Dol

We headed up to Portland to celebrate our grandson's first birthday...of course that put me into close proximity of a couple of awesome quilt stores, which will be a blog later this week, lol.  First the Dol...not Doll...but Dol, which is Korean tradition of celebrating the first birthday.  Just so happened we were celebrating 2 birthdays, our grandson's first and HH's 60th..which is another BIG birthday in the Korean tradition.  It is steeped in survive until your first birthday  or to live to your 60th was a big reason to celebrate.  The first birthday celebration is called the Dol.  the 1 year old is dressed in traditional Korean garb,  a hanbok and placed in front of several objects...a pencil, money, apple and thread.  What ever the child picks first is a prediction of his life.  And all of the choices are positive, pencil = intelligence, money = richness, apple = never being hungry and thread = long life.

Can you see what our little Wyatt chose!!!  The thread...and although I am sooooo happy that he will have a long life...a part of me screams....QUILTER!!!!!

My DIL is a jewel and she has got 3 boys to deal with...just like I did! lol

oh yeah...when I look in those eyes...I see the future.

nothing like cousins and your big brother to help celebrate, year one!

The quilt was a hit with both Wyatt and big brother...and it got Enzo's seal of quilt approval! lol

...and both birthday boys like their cake!

tomorrow, we get back to quilting.  I had a wonderful time at both Holly Hills and Pioneer Quilts...although I came home with an empty wallet, I had a full heart and I will show you what I purchased and my plans for future projects!

PS. Our dear friend Jerry passed to that Route 66 in heaven...please keep his wife Twilene in your prayers.


  1. Wyatt is absolutely adorable!! :)

    So sorry to hear about your friend Jerry. I cannot imagine what his wife must be feeling. Praying for comfort from the Lord.

  2. Such sweet photos of Wyatt's party and love him in his outfit, so cute.


  3. Happy birthday to your guys! The Dol is a lovely tradition, and I hope that Wyatt's choice of thread means a happy and crafty career!
    I do think there is a special corner of heaven reserved for quilters' husbands. I hope that Jerry and my Bob will meet up and share tales of quilt shows visited, fabric stores haunted, and the joy of finding loose threads in their morning coffee!

  4. What a wonderful day of celebration you had with your family. How wonderful to celebrate two milestone birthdays in one family.

    May Jerry be at peace and watch over Twilene for may years until they reunite. Twilene hold onto the memories, they will last you a lifetime.

  5. I think that traditions are the threads that hold families together. How wonderful to celebrate two special birthdays at the same time. I did notice that Wyatt's cake looked a lot bigger than Greg's!

    My prayers are with Twilene and I echo Sandi's beautiful sentiment.


  6. What a wonderful tradition and wishing many more birthdays for your Hubby and Grandson. My sympathies for your friend and her loss.

  7. The party looks like it was a lot of fun for both the "Birthday Boys"! The Dol is a really interesting ceremony, and I'm so happy to hear that Wyatt chose the thread. How could he not?? He's seen it so many times with his Grammie around. lol

    My condolences to Twilene and to you on Jerry's passing. It's good that she's got a friend like yourself, who has experienced losing someone close, to walk with her as she goes through this.

  8. Wyatt is just so looks like both the men in your life had a wonderful birthday party.

    I will add Twilene to my prayers.

  9. Great pics of the Birthday boy! Looks and sounds like you had a great weekend...except for the passing of your friend...will be sending up prayers for Twilene.

  10. Oh! Those guys of yours are SO cute! I am glad that you are encouraging tradition within your family and that they honor that.
    It is such a sadness when one loses their S.O. Only time will be the healer...

  11. What a wonderful tradition. Both birthday boys look liked they enjoyed their cake. Sorry about your friends loss, my prayers will be with her. I was at Pioneer on Sat and picked up a few goodies also.

  12. You made love abound - in your great capacity to give and being there together.