Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Brain of a Labrador Retreiver

I have decided I have the brain of a lab...that goofy running from here to there...the ADHD of the dog world.  I am trying to make a little headway by doing a little packing every day so by the end of March I will be all ready and even more importantly...that I can get some stitching time in until the move.  But...what is occurring is that I start packing a box and then I see something...sometimes it is a shiny something...or a fun button or a bag of scraps and then the packing comes to a halt and I am playing.

I found this bag stuffed with 30's scraps...I think they are so sweet.  But NO WAY and I packing scraps up!!!  NO WAY, NO HOW!  

Then, instead of packing I dragged my GO cutter out and spent the better part of the afternoon cutting Tumbling Blocks!

Aren't they cute!  I fear that I should have started this packing job a long time ago given my ability to see shiny things.

Look at this stitchery I found!!!  Do you see the year??? 2001!!!  My UFO list is jumping by leaps and bounds.  Packing sucks! I am going to make a pillow with this...did you see the cute buttons...oh and there...over there...something shiny!


  1. Oh those 'shiny things' will get you everytime. They sparkle, dazzle and distract us. LOL

    Here's an idea - bear in mind I'm only trying to help - I'll gladly fly up to pack up your sewing room and while I'm at it I'll remove all the shiny things. LOL OK?

    Now you've done it - dang it - I love your 30's tumblers. I'm planning to do a 30's project very soon and now your 'shiny thing' has gotten to me.

  2. All your 'stuff is so dang cute, no wonder you have trouble parting with it. Just do your best and keep on truckin'. It's truly amazing how much you DO finish. I say do NOT stress over quilting and UFO's. I'm even starting to count my UFO's as part of my 'body of work". (wink, wink)

    1. It has been a challenge and HH isn't sure I am doing the right thing...but I didn't know I had half the stuff I have found, lol

  3. Well the tumbing blocks do take up less room than the stack of material right? Lol

  4. Ah, I see now why you were so captivated by the crow wool project. Crows are always attracted to shiny things! Fitting...!

  5. Love that stack of tumblers! :-) You do have the cutest 'stuff'. Its all good if you organize and cut out things as you pack, you will the sewing room that will be the envy of all quilters/crafters everywhere! Have a happy weekend!

  6. Sorting and packing always seems to be and ADHD type of activity because your go to get something to store the item and another thing catches your eye. I'm the same way, I applaud people who can just for use on the straight and narrow, but I'm not that person.

    I love your chicken embroidery your finishing idea sounds great.

    Can't wait to see what other treasures you will find and share with us.

  7. well it is good some things are coming to light and will be finished, and all packing waits until the last minute anyway, doesn't it? smile and grin, you will get it done!

  8. If you need a home for your tumblers just let me know! I do love my 30's fabrics.

  9. I have thought about cutting my scraps with the go, but not sure if i would want the scrap for something else, lol. Love seeing what you find as you go through your mess;)


  10. Oh my gosh...I'm just sitting here laughing! You are having way too much fun - which is a good thing! Keep going after the shiny things.

  11. Thanks for the chuckles... I always feel better after a good laugh.

    You will get there and know all your stuff again.. just like Christmas, lots of surprises and "new" things. LOL

  12. I am laughing and holding my sides at your tumblers! I predict you will have yours pieced before mine gets back from the quilter's! Do you love and use your Go cutter a lot? I was seriously considering one when we had them on sale at New Moon--but I couldn't decide which/how many dies to get! And yes, the "shiny things" syndrome--my friend says she has ADOS--Attention Deficit Oooh Shiny! (My brain is more like the magpie's: shiny, bouncing from one thing to the other...Maybe that should be the next blog contest. What kind of brain do you have?)

  13. I always get like that when I HAVE to do something else...something that I don't enjoy doing! Maybe that could be your case!! Just keep telling yourself to focus...focus...focus...FOCUS!