Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sabado Tarde

(New quilts on the Flicker UFO 2013 site.  Only 1 more follower to reach 500 and we'll have a fun Give Away. I also added a new board to my Pinterest site, Quilts ~ Gift Ideas)

I slept in yesterday till 7:30 am!!!  A taste of what life might be like when HH doesn't have to get up at 0500.  The sun was already up and Enzo had his head resting on my side of the bed with his legs crossed, lol.  When we went outside we were greeted by a dusting of snow and a beautiful blue sky.  Do you know the first thing I thought of when I ran back inside to get the camera and take the photo..."hey, the sky looks just like some fabric that I sold last week at my rolling garage sale!"  hummm hope I don't regret it!

HH and I took a drive out to the construction one working today but there were signs of busy bees.  The main reason was I have to turn in a landscape drawing of how we intend to landscape and I really needed to pace it out and look at the possibilities.  We split a lunch at the Sisters Hotel one of our favorite lunch places and stopped in the tee shirt shop to find an shirt for HH to wear on his last day of work!  Only in Sisters would there be quilts hanging in a tee shirt tourist shop!

The patchwork kitties were cute and the quilt bug was true...don't drink the water in Sisters, you'll immediately spend big bucks on fabric!

Today is the Kathy Schmitz BOM group meeting at Sew Many Quilts and I am working on the 3rd month already!  Every month I decide that it is my favorite...but then the next one comes out!!!  Remember, you can join any time and they are sending out the BOM's by mail for you out of towners. 

So don't miss out!


  1. How fun. I am glad that snow was not there last weekend when I was in town! Well..kinda sorta...but not sure I would have done my walking mileage had it snowed. When is his last day?

  2. My goodness you definitely had a very busy Sabado Tarde.

    Oh, I can't wait for month 3 to arrive in my mailbox. WooHoo!

  3. Those are both cute quilts, I have a cat and dog one that I did with crazy pieces, need to finish it.


  4. Love those crazy cats! And the newest Kathy Schimtz installment is a great one. She is so talented!

  5. Apenas mais um seguidor para 5oo.Parabéns!Obrigada por deixar fazer parte desteseleto

  6. Your Sábado à tarde was quite full. It's funny to see portuguese writing in american blogs ( I'm portuguese ).
    Have a nice week.

  7. I had to google Sabato Tarde to find out what it meant, sounds like a great day.

    We had fresh snow on the mountains and gorgeous sunshine Saturday so I went for a long drive to enjoy it.

    Love the quilt bug piece, very cute.

  8. I have been reading your blog every morning - and realized I hadn't put follower on, so, I am maybe your number 500:). Love your blog!

  9. Sabado Tarde", call me.You have been very busy and hope you had a fun day.

    Feliz semana y espero que superes los 500 seguidores.

  10. Oooh can't wait to see more pics of the house and landscape plans! Have a happy Sunday!

  11. The snow looks pretty. But please keep it. In South Carolina it looks prettier without snow on the ground. At just the mention of snow the entire state goes insane. Grocery stores sell out of food and cars seem teo wreck and pile up just at the