Monday, February 11, 2013

Quiet River, The Last Chapter

There is nothing quite like a retreat to calm the nerves, energize quilting and help you walk out into the world refreshed.  It is not that you aren't tired from sewing morning till night...that you are functioning on half the amount of sleep...or that your abs hurt from laughing so much...and you've been nourished by coffee and chocolate.  But, I always come away from a retreat ready for what is coming down the pike.  Strengthened by the love and support I get from my friends.

Our Quiet River retreat always allows us the flexibility of an occasional errand or appointment because it is located in town.  On this retreat there were 2 hair appointments, 1 yoga class, a meeting with an architect for Lori, a quilt shop field trip and 2 of the Fabric Stalkers who couldn't make the full retreat were able to stop by on Saturday for a day of sewing!  Sunday morning we slowly move into the day knowing it is the final day, hand stitching and talking...then a frenzy of packing and loading cars.  We no longer even have to clean up after ourselves as we have evolved to the space that everyone chips in and has a housecleaning service come in and suck up the miles of thread, corners of fabric and dust created by our frenzy.

I hope if you have never been on a quilt retreat that you find one right away!!!  The Fabric Stalkers have already scheduled 3 more this year!!!  Our last quilt retreat task is for everyone to get their calendars out and schedule our next retreats...after all one needs dreams...

Enjoy the slide show...quilt chaos reigns!

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  1. love the video, you were all very productive..hope I can go on a retreat some day, it would be so much fun, and being with like-minded women is such a joy...

    1. I think you need to start planning right now. Just pick a couple of girlfriends and a spot…you’ll have so much fun that before you leave you’ll be planning your next one!

  2. Oh my much fun was all of that! Love everything. What a great spot for creativity, friendship and laughter.

  3. Thanks for sharing the pictures of all those projects, quite a variety. Retreats are indeed heavenly escapes. One I go to in the Autumn is 5 days so you can accomplish a LOT.

  4. Looks as if everyone had a great time! I do like that Celtic Wave pattern (the Judy Niemeyer one)--I'm taking her class at Asilomar this month, and spent part of today prepping for it! My project isn't quite that ambitious, but maybe I'll tackle the CW after I finish my first one. Your retreat location is really inspiring, too!

  5. Hi, Anna,

    My friend is a huge penguin fan, do you know who designed the adorable penguin quilt you pictured from your retreat? Thanks! (I am the one who "encouraged" you to buy the cute sheep at Holly Hills-my penguin friend was with me!)