Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Holly Hills Alert!!!

While up in the Portland area for my dear GS's Dol I stopped at a couple of quilt stores.  Since I was clear on one side of the city I decided to save Fabric Depot for my trip in March (eldest GS's birthday) and instead visit Holly Hills and Pioneer Quilts.  I was NOT just shopping but had specific things I was shopping for...until...I met these ladies!!!  Beware of these 2...they are purchasing for the  shear joy of purchasing...and they WILL transmit a purchasing virus to you if you are in close proximity!

...and you could possibly buy this...

Isn't she cute!!!!  I love her...I love her face...but I didn't think I would buy her until "Pat" handed her to me and said I NEEDED to have her.  I love running into blog reader but's expensive! LOL

As usually Holly Hills was an "eye candy" kind of experience due to the talents of Brian and his mother (the mothership, as he refers to her).  The staff was helpful...but, beware of Woolie could be an expensive adventure!  If you see anything in the slide show contact Holly Hills they would be glad to help you purchase something! lol  Tomorrow's slide show is of Pioneer Quilts!!!

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  1. I love stores like that, such wonderful displays to show off the fabrics and quilts.


  2. Maybe DH and I should just move to Oregon - can't stand all this inspiration...danger, danger!! Question: when you made your Buttermilk Basin crazy quilt 12" background block, did you make it as a "quilt" - with backing and batting and quilting?? I'm not sure what to do with mine. Thanks!

  3. Drool does not cover what I am doing right now... this quilt shop is decorated sew cute and I would have to take out a second mtg to buy all the things I saw that I want..

  4. This is a shop even Mr. Squash loves to go into with me! And....he even hands me things to buy in there!

  5. Beautiful shop!! You must have 'pull' as I wasn't allowed to take pics when I was there!! Just think of all the business you are sending their way!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Yikes - I can see how you could easily find lots of treasures there! Thanks for the slideshow.

  7. Love Holly Hills that is where my mama took me when I went to Oregon last month with my Bestie, Hubby to Be to get married. I saw so much and it was support your local quilt shop so DH even got a fat quarter!

  8. Could I please have that awesomely cute bird in the second slide?

  9. I think that trip to Oregon is getting closer and closer...SIL and BIL have a house in Roseburg, after all... That little sheep is darling. I kind of have a fondness for small critters,especially the kind that don't need feeding or cleaning up after...

  10. I feel like I know the two ladies in the shop, in Oregon. Oh, it that look in the eyes that I know....LOL The sheep is to die for. So is the visit to the shop!!!!

  11. I need to take a road trip to Portland :)) Love the sheep!