Sunday, February 17, 2013

Garage Sale at Material Girls

Yesterday I worked on my Garage Sale...did I tell you I was having a garage sale???  Well, HH is totally against them...too much work for the result...and besides we are still in Winter.  So, I took Anne's advice to bring my garage sale stuff to the Material Girls. That is what she did before her move and in fact I bought some of her stuff!!! LOL  The Material Girls are a group of quilters who meet each Monday at the Deschutes Historical Museum.  I sent out a group email announcing my garage sale and for every one to bring moola! lol  This group of fabric is either panels or yardage and I am going to group those separately.

These bundles are 2 yards or more in different color ways...not sure even how to begin pricing these???  I also have a box of books and patterns.  I suspect that the Material Girls is going to be fun tomorrow!

When my back needs a break I do game is all I get...see those boxes in the background!

Remember these blocks I made and then gave to Robin because I just couldn't face the "Y" seams.  The blocks were fun to make, the putting them all together was a Bee-otch!!!  So, I gave them to Robin because she is so good about thinking outside the box!

See what she made!!!!!!!  she just whacked those blocks up into squares!!!  Now why couldn't I have thought of that???

Isn't it adorable!

Today I am taking a day off from the packing.  HH and I are going to check out the construction and then I am meeting my "Cuppers."  They are my cup half full friends...ya gotta love the positive! Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!


  1. The girls are going to have a blast going through your stash, lots of wonderful goodies. Love the knotted piece and the look, not sure if I would have the patience to do something like that.


  2. Too bad I'm so far away...well, maybe not! Himself loved yard sales and would spend many weekends "saling" in search of Depression glass. We had a lot of sales here too--got a good cause that needs money? Let's put on a sale! Now when the girls and I do it, we always wish we could muster up his enthusiasm and energy for it!

  3. What a smart girl you are for having the Garage Sale and how clever of your friend to "fix" your blocks!! The black/white really zings!!

  4. Hey Anna, You are making progress. Good for you. Why not leave things unpriced and let people pay what they will? Whatever $ you end up with is more than you started with. Or set up in groups with a sign over each that says $5 or the amount you want. Sure would be easier... MaryJo

  5. Oh how fun to 'garage sale' with your friends! My hubby isn't a fan of sales either, but I'm sure he wouldn't complain about doing it that way. Have a fun day!

  6. I'm thinking of calling in "sick" tomorrow and crashing the MG group. Like I need more fabric, LOL! Have fun.
    P.S. We just finished eating our Tate and Tate V-Day dinner last night. Yummy!

  7. I also wanted to go to your garage sale!!
    How wonderful, How sounds like fun!!! :D
    And a idea of quilt is great!!

  8. You go girl! You are making headway - is the shiny stuff still getting to you? Lol.

  9. What a great idea to have a garage sale. One man's trash is another man's treasure! Also love how she changed that quilt up. Sometimes you just have to have a different set of eyes look at something for a different perspective.

  10. My comment is vastly different than others.As a relatively new reader, I am wondering about those CUTE blocks. Could you tell me what the name of them is. No hurry, I just would like to know what they are called.(Of course I would love to be there today, but it's too far away.) Thanks