Monday, February 18, 2013

Doctor!!! She Needs A Caffeine IV!!!

I have been on the go all weekend!  Sorting through my fabrics and bundling them for the Material Girls garage sale today.  Yesterday HH and I went out to the construction site and check up on the latest progress.  Our appliances are in the garage waiting to be installed, our light fixtures are piled in the dining room, the hardwood floor is laid, the hardware is on all the cabinets and all the cement is down for the driveway, front porch, walkway, patio and storage area!  Yes, we have made big progress this week!  Those subcontractors have made huge leaps forward...I wonder if they would be interested in helping me pack my sewing on the other hand looks like a tornado came through.

I am catching up on my life and are you...sorry.  Last Friday Robin and I headed to Redmond to go to Material Girls Fabrics.  Leslie and her son Ryan make this store a place to shop.  They carry the unusual and fun, along with the basics.  In the slide show I actually took photos of specific prints so you could get an idea of the fabrics she chooses for her shop!  They don't have a website where you can order, but that is coming.  In the meantime if you see something you like on the slide show you can contact them directly and they will mail order it for you.  I also included a few slides of our stop at the Antique Warehouse in Redmond...boy is that filled with eye candy.  It was a great shopping day!  Enjoy the slide show!

Material Girls Fabrics

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  1. I enjoyed shopping with you, lot of fun fabrics. I actually have a quilt with that cat in it, it came from an old pair of pants someone gave me.


  2. Love the modern feel and fabrics of that fabric store. Preps me for the first Modern Quilt Guild's conference, "Quilt Con". I leave Wednesday and am SO EXCITED!!!

  3. Okay, you've seriously stirred up my "fabric acquisition" hormones this morning! I so don't need more fabric... but hmm. I'm meeting an East Coast friend at New Moon today--always fun to see a familiar place through fresh eyes! I hope not too much follows me home...

  4. What a cute store! I lived in Central Oregon near Eagle Crest resort almost 30 years ago. I love your blog because it reminds me of my life long ago there.