Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Buy From The Gypsy Woman and Get Good Luck!

(New Quilts on the Flicker UFO 2013 site! check it out!)

What an exciting day...but first...I had to share this episode of Keeping Up Appearances. I especially got a tickle out of the scene where the Gypsy comes to the door to sell her wares...buy from the Gypsy woman and get good luck!  I loaded my mobile garage sale and hit the road like a Gypsy.  I made $50 in my first two stops...then the rest of it I took to the Material Girls!  

What is that ol' saying...One man's junk is another man's treasure.  I do appreciate all those who joined the fun in the Woolie garage sale and helped to build up the Quilt Market coffers!

Susie looks stunned...Suzette was my best customer, lot of luck is coming her way!LOL I do believe Jo Ann came in a close second!    The remainder of the fabric was donated to Community Quilts and the left over books and patterns went to the Deschutes Historical Museum for their rummage sale.  The grand total made = $340!!!  maybe you should clean out your sewing room! LOL

Of course we did sew a little and here is some show 'n tell by Katherine...aren't these blocks adorable!

remember...buy from the Gypsy woman and get good luck....


  1. glad you had a great sale and made some room for new goodies in your crafting space.

  2. Please tell Katherine her blocks are really wonderful.

  3. Sounds like a great way to destash! I'm afraid if I wanted to do a mobile garage sale I'd have to drive up your way--hmm, now there's an idea! I actually did do a giant "destash" sale with my knitting and quilting friends--at the end of the day, all the leftovers were boxed up and taken to Project Linus (the fabric) and Stitches from the Heart (books and yarn). Plus, of course, we all added a "few" things back into stash...

  4. I am glad you did well with your sale and we know you are just going to replace it, lol.


  5. Wow! Looks like a great time!! Wish I could come to your sale! Have a great week. Ginger has had a setback and we are sitting close together today sitting and stitching, and she is sleeping. Thanks for sharing!

  6. HA! I was NOT surprised that Suzette was your best customer...NO, not at all!!!

  7. Hi Anna - your Pin Keep partner has tried emailing you...did you get her note?