Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Be Happy

I love this note by John Lennon.  You gotta be careful because there are people who only feel good if you're not happy...use a rotary cutter and cut the ties with them!  Every generation states they live in challenging times...but, we really do! LOL  and so to spend time with those who want to suck the joy out of a day is to make that day worthless!

I got a happy gift yesterday from a Woolie reader!!!  Thank you so much Joyce!  How did she know I love pincushions, especially ones that look like food! LOL and it came in such a cute little bag.  Oh you ask what is that grey/black fabric???  It is a piece of WOOL!  Wool like none I have ever seen!  It is 2 layers fused together and I already know what I am going to use it for...once I get moved...yes, I am still packing the sewing room up (Sigh)...but, I'm happy!

Although I have not been able to create some space so I can actually do some sewing on my machine I still stitch every evening while watching the tellie with HH.  Currently I am working on a table runner by Kathy Schmitz and there are a couple of stitcheries on either end.  I hope by the time I finish the second one I will find my sewing machine, lol.  As you can see I am still using the Transfer Eze for my embroidery easy and fast when you don't have much time.

Today is embroidery group at Sew Many Quilts and I will be schlepping my Witches Boot to the shop.  Then I am heading out to the new place because Anne wants to take a peek...if there are any good photo ops I'll share them tomorrow.  Have a great Hump Day!


  1. That note is so true, nothing is important if you are not happy.
    Love those stitcheries, can't wait to see the runner, not sure if I saw that pattern.


  2. Was it Twain who said most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be? Given a chance, choose happy! I'm working on remembering that!

  3. Where did you get your Witches boot stitchery?
    I think that is sooooo cute.

    And do you print your embr. design right on the Transfer Ez or copy it onto the Ez with a pencil or ? I am thinking you scan the design and then print it onto the Ez..

    Thanks for the help..

  4. Love that pincushion! LOL Very clever. Have fun today!

  5. Oh yay...I'm glad it arrived! Once you use that wool in your background for a table mat or runner, you'll never want to go back! Enjoy!