Saturday, January 12, 2013

The City of Roses

Here is another name for Portland! The climate here is perfect for growing roses. The gardens are fabulous and yesterday we visited the Chinese Garden. The kids are heading back to Chicago, sigh.

What I do know is, what makes a happy mom is a happy son!

What can I say, my Stumphouse Barista loves me!

There is so much to love about Portland...#1' it's weird...different. A church of Elvis, a voodoo donut place, a bookstore that takes up 2 city blocks...and chocolate touched by the moon!

I have been working on my linen cross stitch and I am getting better! Today I get to head back over the my sewing room! Ahhh.

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  1. Sounds like a fun place to visit and nice that you can spend time with the kids. I hope you have a safe trip home.


  2. I've been to Portland in the fall, it is a beautiful city. I bet it's amazing when the roses are blooming. Have a safe trip home. Ronda

  3. Visits always seem to end to soon!
    I need to get a refresher on your cross-stitch, are you game? Next woolies!

  4. What a great trip, and visit, you've had! That barista does good work. It's almost too pretty to drink. I love the way the linen cross-stitch looks. Your work is beautiful. Have a safe trip home, and enjoy every moment of it.

  5. Glad you are enjoying your family! Love your cross stitch...looks soooo tiny!

  6. I love it when my kids come to town, but it's always so hard to say goodbye! I'm really lucky to have at least a couple of them local enough so that I can see them fairly often. Safe travels home!