Friday, January 11, 2013

Rip City

Portland is an amazing city of the BIG city category. If I was going to live in a big would be Portland. From modern art... a statue of Lincoln that was created in 1928 and donated to the city. It is a city that has it's own TV show Portlandia.

One of the largest independent bookstores, Powells is in the center of town with both new and used books. And, I discovered they started carrying a small selection of yarn.

We met for breakfast at my favorite place the Bijou Cafe...and look who is wanting to know where the food is???

Here we are, my DIL Sarah, myself, HH, Carrie (Emily's mom) Wyatt in DIL Emily's lap and Connor...only one's missing are my son with the flu and my grandson, Byron who was in school.

I did pick up this mini pattern at the cross stitch store, it was too cute to pass up! Included in the pattern was the cute button for the top of the tree. Looks like I have some fun projects for 2013!

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  1. Happy you're enjoying your visit.

  2. I am glad you could all get out together and hope your son feels better soon, not a fun flu. Love that design, I was looking for something with a tree shape, will have to hit some stores up north, this summer.


  3. great you got together
    hope that flu goes away, too many down with it recently!
    love the project!

  4. Sweet pic...and Wyatt doesn't have his glasses on!! That's a good sign! Love the cross stitch are REALLY getting into this!!

  5. Received my "Snowbound" pattern the other day, just in time to head to California. Looks like fun, thanks again.

    One of the Sandy's

  6. And here by your title I thought you were talking about 'reverse sewing'....

  7. I love the fish protruding from that brick building on two sides! The statue of Abraham Lincoln is a good one too. It looks like you had a wonderful time with your family at that little cafe....and we won't even talk about the pattern you bought. lol

  8. Where is this restaurant you speak of? I will look it up.

    I get overwhelmed going into Powells...never enough time to spend in there.

    I am liking the tone on tone color of these cross stitch patterns.

  9. I've only spent one weekend in Portland, but I'd love to go back! Nice to see yarn at Powell's--but I don't see Miss Babs' "A Day at Powell's" colorway there! (I just wound a hank of it to make a cowl--it's black and white and red all over! Love seeing you have fun with the family--Wyatt is adorable!

  10. Portland and Seattle hold my heart for the art scene. They aren't too terribly huge for towns and hold that special Northwest "feeling". Watch those icy roads!