Sunday, January 20, 2013

Progress: Moving Forward

We went out to the construction site yesterday and the guys been busy!  All the cabinets have been delivered, walls painted and the trim work was in full swing! The guy doing the trim was so nice and told us that he comes out while it's still dark in the morning with his cup of coffee so he can see the sun rise over the mountains from the sweet. This is our tiny kitchen area in the great room.  Behind that door is a big pantry and we are going to need the space it will provide.

Here I am stepping out the sewing room, ahhhh am I ever going to be a happy camper!  If I could fit a fridge up there I would never have to come downstairs, lol

This is a view from the kitchen area of the the great room.  

I love these full sized metal horses and every time we travel from Bend to Sister and back I try to capture a shot.  This one turned out pretty good but I keep missing the cow dogs at the end of the pack...maybe next time.

In our new subdivision the deer poop right on the sidewalk...they are above average deer, lol

Since I was in Sisters I decided to check out the Stitchin' Post and Twigs.  The Checkers Rep for fabric and patterns told me that I had to go and check it out...beautiful. They just finished a remodel. Although both The Stitchin' Post and Twigs are in the same space it looks entirely different.  With new paint, new lights and painted shelving it was so wonderfully bright.  It actually looked roomier and did I say bright!  you could see the fabric tones and hues with out carrying them to a nearby window.  Enjoy the slide show and if you see anything you like you can contact them directly!

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  1. It's really starting to come together I bet you can hardly wait. I'm jealous of your new studio.

  2. Oh, thank you for the Sisters and Twig Show! Do you know the patterns for the quilts in slides 7 and 8 (trees and birds)? I'd like to purchase a copy of those. House is lookin' good!

  3. wow, what a great store! I see the house is coming along!

  4. I bet you can't wipe the smile off your face, that sewing room will be divine, enjoy! Soon it will be your turn to watch the sun come up in your new home.

  5. The house is beautiful! lol Your new kitchen is laid out almost the same as mine!

  6. Love the high ceilings and the arched doorways. I need a pantry, thinking of making the small hall closet into one. Today I bought a new can opener, lol.


  7. I am truly in loooooooooooove with your house. I worked in custom home building and interior design for 12 years, so I can truly appreciate each step of this process. Your home is going to be divine. Just divine!

  8. Were the dogs not there, or could you just not 'capture' them with the camera? If it is the later try setting the burst setting on your camera, point, and keep shooting. In one of those cells should be your shot. Also the house is coming along. L

  9. Your house is looking wonderful!! I can't wait until you move in...your sewing room is wonderful. Just look at all that natural light!

  10. I love following the progress of your new home! It's gorgeous, you must be so very proud and excited. Keep the photos coming!