Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Paying For My Quilting Sins...

Was feeling so smug about my choices for 2013.  Had my "word" bumping around my brain...remember, EMBRACE?!  And, primarily embracing the new budget of the retirement life.  Then HH opens the front door and says, "hey, there is a package from Homespun Quilts out here."

OPPPs.  Seems there are still a few items arriving from 2012.  How is one supposed to start with a fresh new slate when your previous sins keep showing up in the mail?  I feel like I should have a Scarlet Q on sweater...you know...so you can show everyone you are a quilting sinner???  Wonder how many Hail Mary's this one is going to require?

Anyhoo, after my 3 minute flogging with a Valdani thread I opened the package and giggled...sinning really does make one giggle.  The final block of my Sew Spooky BOM arrived in this really cute Halloween bag!  I know, who needs another bag but Free stuff always gives me a thrill even if I paid for it somehow.

This is definitely on my UFO, PIG pile but I WILL have it done before Halloween!

Today I head over the mountain for a few days of vacation and family time.  I will still be posting but sometimes it may not be exactly at 0800.  My plan is to not stop at any quilt stores but I will be visiting the cross stitch shop...wait till you see the project pattern Lori bought on our trip to France...yes, we need linen!


  1. I have been wanting to hit the cross stitch stores up north, would love to see all the threads and colors for punching. Have a wonderful time with your family.


  2. Love those boxes on the doorstep!! What does PIG stand for? I kind of dense sometimes, so I just can't figure that one out. Have fun on the other side of the mountain!!

  3. OK, now you've added another project for 2013...So can I count the row by row that I'm doing as an ongoing UFO? (See...I'm always a week or so behind (they are posted every two weeks)so I think that can count as one.) What say you?

  4. Enjoy your time away and just to let you know I received my win in the mail yesterday, Babushka table mat, many thanks.

  5. Have a great trip!

    As for the not so clear cut ending to last year's "follies" showing up on your doorstep (literally), just take it as a reminder of having made an excellent choice for your goals for 2013.

  6. Hello,
    "my 3 minute flogging with a Valdani thread" !!!
    I can just picture the scene!

  7. ok I admit I ordered fabric in the last days of 2012 so I don't have to count it this year :)
    yes I will blog about some of it tomorrow the rest in a few days :)
    have a nice little vacation!

  8. I don't remember seeing Lori's project, but there are a lot of things about that trip that have already slipped into the depths of my memory. I did get a package yesterday--the last set of "tumblers" so now I can get busy and finish up that top. It's going to be a pretty big quilt so my big question will be, to quilt or not to quilt it myself. I did have such fun sewing up the first half of it, though...

  9. Oh....I have eyed that pattern for a while.....you lucky duck!!!

  10. Anna you are too funny! I still have one more after-Christmas-sale package that hasn't arrived but I got three yesterday and I did a small dance when I saw them. :) blessings, marlene

  11. You have a lot of company where quilting sins are concerned. Enjoy your vacation!

  12. Knock knock! Oh oh, hope you don't mind all these strangers poking around while you're! oin vacation! Nice place you have here!


  13. Your cute little grandson will love that bag next year! I just saw his sweet face on Lynda Hall's blog...so adorable! Love your new cross stitch you have planned...looks very European! Thanks for the cute turkey pattern! It arrived in the mail a few days ago! I will make a goal to make him befor Thanksgiving this year!