Sunday, January 13, 2013

Oh The Memories...

It doesn't matter how good a time one is having...coming home is wonderful.  The Nines was fabulous, the bed comfortable, the food and location perfect but...there is nothing like your own bed and the cadence of your own life.  So today is about the memories that I can hold in my heart.  Of course, it is about the loved ones first!  We missed my grandson Byron who was in school and got braces this week!  And dad had the flu, darn...but we are going to head back up in Feb. cause we need to have the traditional Korean birthday, outfit and all!

Since I am a bagel person and a doughnuts...well, they are donuts...for some reason the VooDoo doughnut place is a huge draw.  People literally walk out with a big pink box, stand around on the street and eat them all.  I was shocked because normally all you see is a line snaking out the door and when we arrived I was the 3rd person in line...within seconds 30 people behind me!!!.  They must have thought I was nuts because I got a plain buttermilk bar and an apple fritter for HH.  But, no matter it is what Portland is about, weird.

Enzo, like I said before was a rock star.  We never took more than 3 steps without people wanting to talk about him.  6:00 in the morning when I was out walking him a business man parked his car and came over to talk all about him...if he were a human he would have a cult!!!

The ride home was cold!  This photo was taken through the front windshield as we were going over the mountain!

...and this one through the passenger side window...burrrrrrr

Finally a little slide show of Portland, including Acorns & Threads!  Today I head to the Wool group at Sew Many Quilts.  Lets see what kind of trouble everyone is up too!

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