Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Jibber Jabber Wednesday

There has never been a line that I have not crossed...well...I can't say that because I won't eat matter how much protein I need or what Island I am stuck on!  But, I am genetically programmed to take the risk, balls to the walls...and all that gung ho stuff. I think this comes from the fact that failure doesn't exist in my world.  It isn't because bad things don't happen to me or big mistakes never enter my circle...but I never look at things as failures, just learning experiences.  

After spending a good 2 hours making freezer paper templates of a crazy patch back ground and drawing said background on the backside of SF101 (fusible interfacing) I peeled all the freezer paper off the pieces of wool one by one, laying them carefully on the interfacing...then I iron them down...on the WRONG side.  After a cursing fit and stomping on the piece of interfacing on the ground I started all over again...figuring out the puzzle I had created.  See, no failure and it did feel good to shove my heel into the piece of interfacing!

Even though that little project was a challenge I am making headway on my quest to master cross stitch on linen!  Isn't my little woolie cute!

I promised a few show 'n tell photos from the Mt. Bachelor Guild meeting.  Although I am not a guild member I was honored to be asked along with Anne of Cottons 'n Wool to give a presentation on quilting and wool.  The group was very receptive and the bonus for us was to hear all that this very active group was up too!  the newly elected President had just taken a bag class from Jean Wells over in Sisters...I need to do that!

This pattern and quilt went together really quickly and both pattern and fabric was purchased at the Stitchin' Post

Here is a wonderful fabric bowl.  I have had the instructions and the supplies to make one of these for at least 10 years!  Someone is going to get one of these this Christmas!!!!

All I can say about this one is WOW!

Well, a  lot of us know what this is about...a new grand baby!!!

Marilyn from QuiltWorks was showing off a new sample using a 60 degree ruler...looks complicated but she swears it's not...and it's a lot of fun!

Well, I am hoping today will be filled with more lines to cross, less tantrums and a nice success would be just fine!  What are you hoping for today?

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  1. Cute woolie lamb Anna. My next-field-neighbor has sheep and I do so enjoy watching them...especially when the lambs are born! Making mistakes is just a part of the creative process.(I keep telling myself...Ha!)

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that little sheep! Make an extra one, so you can give it to me!

  3. Hi Anna, I did the crazy pieced background for the block of the month club and it was quite a project, can't imagine having to do it twice. Love the little wooly.

  4. Your linen cross-stitch is looking great! And I'm glad you got the crazy-patch done. So frustrating when you're working upside-down-and-backwards and things come out wrong. (Or, why I had so much trouble with paper piecing until I learned a good way to do it!)Guess I'll see if I can finish quilting the red quilt today--the binding is done on the blue one, and t he little green sweater is soaking prior to blocking!

  5. I love rhis sheep pattern, too and the black quilt is just a dream.

  6. Your sheep came out beautifully, you are doing a beautiful job on it.
    I have a hard time getting past 18 count, but love the look of linen.


  7. I love that "Jibber Jabber" bowl. seriously I love that bowl. I have the clothes line and patterns to make some things but as usual my fear of things I'll have to wait about 3 years before I attempt.. Like my longarm.. I am about ready to get quilting on it.AND to make my fabric bowl or purse. So what if it is not perfect. Who cares right?